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Alright guys, if your reading this then consider yourself lucky! I will be linking back to your blog and doing a short review of it in my upcoming blog post. What you need to do is review my blog and link back to me using the keywords “make money online” as the anchor text. It will need to look like this: make money online and the review should have at least 150 words or so to be eligible.

Why Should I Do That?

My blog is ranked top 25K in Technorati, not to mention top 100K in Alexa traffic and growing per week! If you want more traffic to your blog and increase your PR, page rank, then this is a must for you! It doesn’t take long, and will increase your traffic dramatically. You will also be giving your blog more exposure to Google and other search engines, so don’t ignore this post.

After you have posted a review of my blog and put in the link back, send me an email with a link of your review and your desired anchor text that you would like me to use. Still want more? I am in the process of creating an eBook and one luck reviewer will be given it for free! The drawings will be filmed live and posted shortly after.

Good luck and looking forward to some quality reviews and link backs! 🙂

LinkLove 2011 Link Results

Thank you all that participated in my linklove post! Here are your links in order of completion! Make sure to check out each site below and leave a comment or two as they are all valuable bloggers that you should be following and learning from! 🙂

Again thank you guys for participating and I’m sure I will be doing more of these in the future! Let me know which interviews you’ve enjoyed the most and who’s site you liked the most as well ;)!

DinoVedo Link Love 2011

Here’s your chance to get your blog exposed to more then 1,250 of my readers on my blog! Plus I will also promote it on my Facebook and all my over 30,000 Twitter followers! All you need to do is to create a link to my blog or write a blog review about my blog.

Here’s How It Works

There are two ways you can participant, the first way is by creating a blog post on your blog and write a short review about my blog with a anchor text link “Make Money Online” to my blog at http://www.DinoVedo.com.

Here’s An Example

If you like to get great free tips on Internet Marketing, Alvin Phang’s GatherSuccess is a great resource where you can find lots of tips and articles showing you how to make money online. He is also organizing a link love exercise on his blog at this link which you can join in for free. More details at this article link here.

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Top Commentator Appreciation Week 9/10/2010

Here you guys go, thanks for being a top commentator on my blog and linking back to my blog. To show you my appreciation, I have given all you a link back and a short review of your site. Hope you enjoy and thank you again! (Only top 3 spots are linked to)

P.S. – If you don’t have time to become a top commentator, than all I ask is you link back to my on your blog or site with the keyword: make money online, and I will write up a review and link to your site next time! Thanks again!

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