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How to Boost Your Business with Facebook

Social media is extremely popular these days. Websites like Twitter, Facebook and, to a lesser degree, MySpace and Multiply have between them millions and millions of visitors each day. Of course, companies and other websites have tried to cash in on these social networking sites’ extreme popularity through online marketing and advertising.

Social Media and its Advantages for Businesses

Since the early days of the Internet, online advertising is all about pushing information towards the users. This may come in the form of pop-up ads, revolving ad banners in numerous webpages, or even those annoying spam emails that you get each and every day. It is irritating, and it really doesn’t help their cause, as well.

With social media, however, online advertising still performs push methodologies to promote their website or product, albeit to a less intruding and more controllable extent. For example, Facebook, which has the most subscribed users out of all social media, has functionalities that let you block advertisements and posts from companies or friends that they are connected to.

Of course, that is the exact effect that we would be trying to avoid. We want to attract more followers, not repel them. The more followers you have, then the higher the chances of boosting your business. So, how can you buy guaranteed Facebook fans? How do you boost your business with Facebook?

Getting the Most out of Facebook

First of all, always have a brand new and interesting content. No one would like to follow a company when there is really nothing to follow. Provide daily updates, but do not smother them with by the minute or continuous postings. Make status updates or post pictures maybe once every three to four hours just to keep interest up, but make sure all content posted is relevant and new. There is no point in posting something that has just been recycled.

Secondly, create attractive designs and custom applications for your page. If you are tech-savvy, then you can easily do this on your own, as there are numerous tools available online that would help you customize your page. You can add simple games or applications that would gain interest, as well as a loyal following. If designing is not your strong point, then you would have to invest a little capital for outsourcing design and application building tasks. Costs may vary depending on the scope of work, but how your page looks at the features that it contains would absolutely bring added appeal to it.

Providing promotions, games, or other interactive activities on your page is another way to boost your business with Facebook. Prizes may include discounts, gift certificates, or some other reward. If the mechanics are easy enough, and the rewards enticing enough, then expect to have a lot of participants. Also, try to insert network related mechanics there as well, such as requiring people to share this link or liking this particular page before being allowed to join the contest. That way, you can further spread the promotion, not just on your own page, but in your followers’ pages, too.

The last, and probably most important, rule of all is very simple – listen and adapt. There must be a group of moderators that would help monitor and regulate comments and wall posts, and reply as necessary. The page must be as interactive as possible, but in the meantime, you must not also let the inmates run wild. Keep the page fresh and updated at all times, and keep up with the trends and demands of your followers to keep them happy and satisfied.

These strategies are meant to buy guaranteed Facebook fans for your page. Through them, your site will be more popular. With the right strategies, mindset, and execution, you can entice more people to support your site and more importantly, be able to keep them as they use their own resources to further expand your network. That is something that you and your business will truly like.

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