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How To Get Started Running Adult Traffic

Many of you know about Facebook advertising, Google, and some of you even know Bing but what about porn sites? Yes believe it or not there is an enormous amount of traffic available to monetize all from thirsty hungry men.. and women around the world.

Lots of affiliates shy away from advertising adult dating or webcams just for the very reason they dont want to be caught looking at porn or creating porn banners… well do you know what that means? More traffic for the ones that are willing! Theres also quite a few perks when it comes to advertising on adult traffic networks… most of them are very lenient with the type of ads and angles you use, and dont go ban crazy like Adwords or Facebook.

Top 3 Adult Traffic Networks




Stick to those 3 and you can literally make well over 5 figures per day in profit. Want to know how to set up your campaigns, see what type of landers work, banners etc? Read below to see how you can expediate your learning curve and ultimately your profits!

Joining An Adult Marketing Forum

One of best tools to success in the affiliate marketing world is networking and what better place than a private forum with like minded individuals? Look no further, AdultMediaBuys.com is here.

They literally are the top resource for anything adult related. Whether you are looking to network, discuss ideas, create follow along campaigns, or ask a particular question you have you can do it all there. Case studies, follow along campaigns, scripts, tools, its all in there for you to absorb. If you want to sit in the dark and throw shit at a wall, so be it, if not I assure you will not be dissapointed with the content being shared on AdultMediaBuys.com!


Not to mention if you sign up feel free to send me a PM on there, I’m quite active as a member and been there since it first opened in 2012. My username is dinovedo, so feel free to look me up there!


Join AdultMediaBuys.com right now and lets make some money!

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