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If you’re reading this then it means, like me, you are either already making money online or you are trying to somehow get started, possibly overwhelmed with so many possibilities.

The more you research on making money online the more difficult it can become in deciding exactly how to get started.

What I normally tell my friends when they are looking to do something similar to me online is “just do something”. Procrastination doesn’t get you anywhere and only leads to increased frustration.

Where To Start

So where to start? Do you build a website, write content and monetize it with Adsense? Do you write an ebook and try and get people to buy it? Do you instead become an affiliate and try to make money selling other people’s stuff?

Well, all of those options have one thing in common. A long delay before the money begins to trickle in. Don’t get me wrong, I use all of those options and they all work for me, but it took time and a lot of effort to get there. They are all worth doing but you have to be committed and work extremely hard, especially if you want to get to a level that you could comfortably leave your job for.

So this takes me back to my original “just do something” advice. It’s making that first dollar that’s the most difficult but also the most rewarding. The day you get your first order or receive your first payment. It may be a tiny amount but it’s the immediate realisation that making money online is really possible.

So you have to start something small just to get that initial hit. Once you get that first order you’re on a roll then. You’ve done something right and then you realize that you just need to do more of it.

And that’s the key to success. Discover what works and then “copy paste”. “Rinse and repeat”, whichever cliché you want to use. It’s still hard work but at least now you know what you’re doing.

Make $5 This Week

I truly believe that in today’s online environment anyone can make some money online and there’s a very popular website that proves this point. It’s called fiverr.

If you’ve never come across it, it’s a website where people will do many different things for $5. They’ll design you a graphic, stick your logo on their head and take a picture, sing you a song over a web cam or even be your PA for the day.

And they only charge $5 for each job.

I use fiverr.com all of the time. Whatever I need there’s always someone on fiverr who can do the job and generally, do it well and fast.

This is where you can make your first $5 this week online. We all have a skill, we all have something we are good at, or we all have something we can offer to someone else. We all have something we can offer as a service on fiverr.com.

The best thing to do is spend a good hour going through the site. Familiarize yourself with what’s popular on it, understand how it all works and how best to structure your proposition. Study what’s working on there and try and do something similar just that little bit better.

There are some people on there who have made thousands of dollars in revenue. All those fiverrs soon start adding up.

Be creative, open minded and resourceful. Register on the website, list your offer and get that first order in this week.

Then sit back and enjoy the moment. Welcome to the online living club.

But don’t sit back for too long; remember, rinse and repeat!

Mike James has been making money online since 1997 and today operates a series of successful online businesses mainly in the travel niche. His latest project is about Malpensa airport and includes topics such as Malpensa airport car hire.

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