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Picking Good Domain Names

One of the key routes potential customers can take to find your business web site and ultimately your ebook(s) is via the search engines and an effective domain name can play a large part in convincing them to click on the search results that lead to your site.

A domain is your web site’s address on the Internet. Imagine the confusion if all the major high street stores didn’t have names or addresses, how would you find them or know what they sold for that matter. Just like a bricks and mortar store, your web site needs a name or a brand, a domain name that allows people to identify what you do and makes it easy for them to remember where to go next time they want to visit.

Domain Speculation Tricks

Domain speculation has existed since the beginnings of the web and there’s a lot we can do to profit from them in unique ways. Realize that .tv domains are expected to be hot in the future as the internet enters a massively multimedia age, so do take advantage of this if you see good opportunities.

A way is to register domains that revolve around a hot product that’s on the rise in popularity. For example let’s say one is called “XYZ”. Register domains such as www.XYZsucks.com or www.XYZtruth.com or www.XYZcritique.com.

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