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Let’s face it. We all know how important Search Engine Optimization is. But what is it and how can you make money online with it? Search Engine Optimization is simply setting up your website in such a way that search engine ‘spiders’ can view and read your site clearly. They can ‘crawl’ through your site and easily determine what your site is about. SEO is also strategy. It’s building pages on ‘niche’ topics. It’s growing your site organically over time for steady solid growth… And it’s building new link partners over time. All of these things contribute to a positive ranking in the most popular search engines.

There are no tricks, no ‘fast tracks’ to success with SEO. Cover your basics and you’ll be bound for success. Covering the Fundamentals of SEO When building ANY new site, there are a few critical things you’ll want to consider while the site is being built. I’ve put them in a handy checklist for you to use as reference. Some points are more important than others, but they all should be addressed.

1. Do I have unique page titles for each page of my site?
2. Do I have meta keywords and descriptions tags on every page? Are they unique to every page on the site?
3. Am I bolding and putting heading tags around the most important titles and information on the page?
4. Is the content I am offering valuable? Will other webmasters want to link to my info?
5. Am I growing my site organically? Will I be able to add new pages each day or week?
6. Do I try and put a focus for each page on ultra-niche terms? For example: ‘Red and Purple Futon Covers’. VERY niche. On the other hand: ‘Futon Covers’ is not so niche…