Email Marketing With Media Buying

Are you having a hard time getting your media buy profitable? Nothing is more frustrating than watching your cost per acquisition constantly increase no matter how many creatives, landing pages, and offers you test. One option that many affiliates (and direct response marketers) overlook is email marketing. When successfully paired with media buying, email marketing can take your campaign to a whole new level of profit.

In direct response marketing we all strive to get the consumer to visit our landing page, read our sales pitch, and purchase the product (or complete a lead). While this can be a very successful marketing technique, not all consumers can be easily convinced with one simple sales pitch. Let’s face it… At one point in someone’s life they’ve been ripped off. Whether they purchased something that wasn’t what they expected or they went out to eat and got a sorry cooked meal, it’s likely almost everyone out there has been ‘burned’ at one time or another. By combining email marketing into our buy we’re able to use another vehicle to garner the consumer’s trust over a series of different sales pitches.