Adcenter Slapped My Account Due To Low QBR!

So it finally seems that Adcenter is turning into the new Adwords! Whether we like it or not, this year most affiliate based campaigns will need to be redesigned and adjusted to meet Adcenter’s new QBR (Quality Based Ranking) system. They are not only slapping campaigns, but whole accounts as well and that is exactly what happened to me. 🙁

Looks like I will have to spend a few days on redesigning all my campaigns, landing pages, and making them a bit more relevant and I advise anyone who is running on Adcenter to do the same right now before they slap your account too.

Adcenter QBR

Now the funny thing is, Adcenter gives you no way in knowing your QBR unlike Adwords who tell you right in the campaign your Quality score and gives you ways to improve it. Adcenter just slaps your account I guess if they deem you are using to many keywords, irrelevant landing page, or your ads don’t match up.