Thrive Tracker Review – Better than Voluum?

I’ll be straight to the point with this review as I don’t have much time these days. Coming from iMobitrax, I was very skeptical in trying out new trackers. I HATE switching trackers since it just puts a big dent in wasted time learning all the new things and settings. It just isn’t really worth it to switch and waste all that time when I could be working on scaling and making new campaigns. However, with my current traffic level I could not work with iMobitrax anymore, and also the campaign setup was just not very organized when your dealing with a ton of campaigns / landers.

Thrive Tracker Released!

First, I tried Voluum and I thought I was going to stick with them, until I started racking up hugeeee amounts of costs. I think it was about 2-3 thousand and the month wasnt even over yet. This was something I’m not prepared to pay by any means. I pay for my personal hosting about one thousand which hosts all my landers and my tracker. Paying separate for both is just unreasonable so I looked for other solutions. Thankfully Thrive had came out at the same time, so I gave them a try. To be honest, it takes a bit of getting used to it, since it has rotations and a bit different layout then most affiliate tracking programs. I have ran about 11 MIL in clicks so far and its still holding up very good! This was my biggest issue with other trackers, waiting on stats to load. I absolutely hated this, and can say that it doesn’t happen very often with Thrive!

Any Negatives?

My only compliant was that when I asked for help dealing with deleting clicks on my Thrive DB, they told me to upgrade my server and if I needed further help to just buy their 299 package. Not only that, they tried to sneak in an affiliate link for liquidweb hosting in their response to my support question. I dont mind having links for other sites but when I ask a support question as a paying member, I would hope not to be just referred to a different hosting company when my issue ended up being resolved with just a MYSQL reboot.

Never the less, Thrive is still my #1 pick so far. However if you are a newbie and just starting out, Voluum has a free option where most newbie affiliates would fall under so don’t forget about them either!


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