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Give Your Business a Boost With Blogging

Blog creation, al buy purchase viagra ong with on-page optimization, can be beneficial to your business, whether through constant blogging or a single article post. Blogging can help your business gain followers, views, and business though keyword optimization and social networking. Social Media Integration Many blogs allow you to post updates through Twitter and Facebook, […]

Happy New Years – Let’s Make 2012 Super Profitable!

Happy New Years to all my readers and friends! Sorry if I haven’t been posting pretty much at all these days, been really busy with actual affiliate marketing stuff so haven’t had time to blog. I’ve been doing campaigns on numerous platforms, creating niche websites, and monitoring all my stats…. The life of an affiliate is quite tedious and sometimes gives me a bit too much anxiety, but hey, it pays quite well!

Never Stop Marketing Your Website

Marketing your website is essential to driving traffic to your website. You may have just started marketing your website and have gained a lot of visitors to your website. So you maybe tempted to relax and not bother working for a few weeks and leaving it as it is.

However you should never do this as website marketing is a continual process so if you don’t continue to market your website then slowly your traffic will disappear and you will lose money and you will have to start again at driving more traffic to your website

So you don’t want to stop marketing your website but you do want some time off so can go on holiday occasionally or spend more time on your next product you want to sell to your customers or the service you want to provide to your clients.

I’ll Be At Ad:Tech! Let’s Meet Up!

So this will be the first year I’m going to Ad:Tech or any advertising convention. Pretty excited about it and planning on flying in to New York on Tuesday morning. If you are going to be there, and enjoy my blog ;), then let’s meet up as I’d love to meet some new faces! My schedule is pretty packed, and I got a ton of stuff on my to do list, but I promise I will make some time!

What Is Ad:Tech?
For all of you that don’t know what Ad:Tech is or never heard of it, it pretty much is a big advertising/affiliate convention where tons of companies, networks, and like minded individuals come and meet. There are also a few after parties every day of the convention, which I will be sure to attend! Hopefully I can get in though, since I’m still 20 years old and a bit under age!

Steve Jobs Legacy – Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!

What do you think now that Steve Jobs passed away, will be in for us in the future? What will Apple do? Will they continue to be the latest and most innovative technology company or will Microsoft finally be able to surpass them? Steve Jobs surely left a legacy and will always be remembered by Apple fan boys, but what about the future?

Heres a great video I found on Steve Job’s giving a speech to the 2005 Stanford graduate class.

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