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Why Affiliate Marketing Can Be Your Most Important Marketing Method

Selling products online, especially digital products, can be a very rewarding and profitable enterprise. There is a saying, When you Work for Dollars You are Always limited by the amount of time you have. You are trading dollars for hours. A much better way is to trade products for dollars – then you expend you time and energy once – and then just keep selling the same product over and over. You work once and then you can be rewarded for years.


Benefits Of Google News For Internet Marketing

What does Google news mean to you and your business? Want to get the benefits that this can bring but don’t know where to start? Read on to learn more…

1) Google news is one of the best place to publish your Press Release(PR). It will give you a lot of traffic and you stand a chance for journalist to pick your news up and spread it throughout the internet.

2) You get to enjoy a huge indexing activity on your website. In your PR, remember to include your website URL, or else, there is no purpose of doing the PR. Once you include your website address, in the following days, you will notice a lot of bots (spiders) coming to your website to crawl your content. You will get not only Googlebot, Slurp (yahoo) but also and a lot of other search engine’s bot coming your way and index your website into their search database. So please, make sure your website is in good looking condition!


Google Stealth Review – eBook Scam Or Not?

Have you ever gotten your Google Adsense/Adwords account blocked? You tried creating a new account but Google detected it and had it blocked it again, unfortunately. Google has a sophisticated account detection system that monitors your IP address, cookies and flash objects. Hav no fear, this article will tell you about the Google Stealth eBook, a perfectly brilliant and legal way for you to create a new Google Adwords/Adsense account.


Creating A Niche Squidoo Lens

Squidoo is a growing website that is getting more powerful by the day and is excellent to leverage to drive traffic to your blog. Squidoo is really easy to use but before you set up an account, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some of the terms that are exclusive to Squidoo: Lens – having a ‘lens’ is rather similar to owning a blog. It’s like your virtual real estate on Squidoo. And get this: you can either build just one lens or maintain 100 of them! It’s all totally free too. But more on lens later……


eBay Stealth Download Review

It is hard on a guy doing business online if he got banned on eBay. Doing business on that site is important and so if you have dealings on this site then you probably will go crazy if your account got banned. Because eBay have this all sorts of safety precautions they do so you can’t just easily take back your account, like having all the important info’s of you stored in their databases, it’s not easy to get back to their system. But if we tell you that there is a way around this? And that ways is called the eBay stealth eBook.


10 Things You Need To Prepare for Before You Start Freelancing

You answer to yourself, need to motivate yourself, have to earn the money yourself and deal with all the flak in between. Moving from the stability and slow pace of the corporate world to the breakneck, dog-eat-dog freelance world is more of a culture shock than many people care to think. So if you’re considering leaving your cubicle for one last time and starting up your own freelance business, take heed of these tips to smooth the transition.


DinoVedo dot com August 2010 Sales Report

For the month of August I was working heavily on expanding my network of blogs and niche affiliate sites. For these sites I promote various affiliate products, mainly through the eBay Partner network and the Amazon Associates program. Not only does one need to create these sites, but its crucial to be ranking number one for the keywords I’m targeting, so I was working on backlinking and getting those number one spots on Google.
I’m still working on my White Hat University website and that is still a bit delayed as I have college starting up again and will need to prioritize my most needed things first. Until next month!


Make Money Online By Creating Products

Creating your own product can be a time consuming task. And, a lot of people that are new to this type of activity can become intimidated by the concept rather quickly. They begin to question if their product is ‘ready’ to be unleashed unto the online world. And so, they place it on the ‘back burner’ for another day. Then the day turns into a week, a month, six months, and so on, until they have completely forgotten or given up on the prospect of creating something of their own. Let me tell you this: Creating Your Own Product Is NOT A Hard Thing To Do!


TV Commercial Affiliate Marketing Case Study

I built a campaign to promote an offer sponsored by its competitor by bidding on this advertiser’s product name and website domain name, and the campaign is converting at as much as 30% (by simply direct linking, no bridge pages). For 10 minutes of work, I receive commissions month after month. Till this day, for my effort, I have made $630, my ad cost is only $152.09! Even though its not exploding, in one year, it will be a $3000 revenue campaign with 10 minutes of work. Is it possible to build 10 such campaigns? Definitely yes! If you have only 10 such campaigns in your portfolio, it will be $30,000 a year income. Now think bigger, build 20,30 such money makers. You now quickly build a six-figure business – by using this technique alone.


FREE Legal Cheat Sheets To Cover Yourself Online

I know its a freaky reality check in that video from me but you need to watch it today. Even better, watch it RIGHT NOW. See, success can sometimes cost PLENTY more than just hard work. When you’re getting the attention of MASSIVE amounts of prospects, you’re also getting the attention of CROOKS. Not to mention freaks and weirdos, but let’s just START with the crooks. There are crooks that will see you as the COMPETITION – and try to take what’s yours by throwing legal trouble your way. Even INNOCENT businesses can crumple under a costly legal battle. There are some crooks who will ENVY your success – They think the best way to get a taste is to just STEAL YOUR STUFF and use it for their own profit. AKA “scumbags” – I HATE ’em!


4 Ingredients To Push People Over The Edge

1. Write to Stir People’s Emotions with Colorful Language – Using colorful, engaging language will drive readers to take action. Buzz words, lists of ideas, and anything else that creates a mental image of superiority for the product will help increase its standing.

2. Build Value in the Product by Hard Selling Numerous Benefits – We’ve covered this in some depth thus far. The idea is simple. Tell them why the product will make their life better and you’ll trade in the trust you’ve built for a greater sense of value in the product.


Money Magnet Formula Revealed

Once your money magnet is up and running, the cash will start to flow regularly with new prospects generating new sales. This then allows you to generate new money magnets. When done right, theresults are practically endless with your chances to make a massive chunk of profit growing after every new site. As you’ll see from my gloriously crafted flow chart above, this isn’t a dead-end process.

You don’t contact a buyer, make a sale and then be done with it. Once you get someone in your sales funnel, they become more valuable than any one sale…