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The Fine Line Between Promotion and Spam

If you follow the principles which have already defined, you won’t have any trouble complying with this aspect of successful forum marketing when using forums. We all know what spam is, and most of us have at some stage been on the receiving end of a whole heap of it. Spam has the connotation of […]

Offering A Bonus for A Clickbank Affiliate Promotion

Several successful marketers have 2 or 3 bonuses that they give away for many of the products that they promote – so an alternative is to write a “one size fits all” bonus for ClickBank products, one for dating products, one for betting products, one for affiliate marketing products. This might sound terrifying, but remember that you probably own several information products: take what you learned, add your own spin, and voila, you have your bonus. Several successful marketers actually just copy and paste a single technique they now and send it out as their bonus as part of their e-mail. If you want to create a short guide or e-book, then do it in Word and use PrimoPDF (a free PDF converter) to make an Adobe Acrobat file out of it: www.primopdf.com.

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