The Fine Line Between Promotion and Spam

If you follow the principles which have already defined, you won’t have any trouble complying with this aspect of successful forum marketing when using forums. We all know what spam is, and most of us have at some stage been on the receiving end of a whole heap of it. Spam has the connotation of fraud, get-rich quick schemes and dubious products. It often is a commercial message.

The use of spam on a niche forum has no place. Not only does it not contribute to information, knowledge, or ongoing discussions, it often so frustrates forum users that they cancel membership on the forum, or quit visiting it. Spam hurts the forum reader, other forum posters, the owners of the forum, and even the entire niche where the spam is occurring. As a responsible member of the forum, you want to be sure that you are not one who is contributing to the spam on the Internet Make sure that content of each post is useful and informative information about the subject, not specifically about your product or company.

Providing company or product specific information can be done indirectly through the use of your signature link and your company or business web page. By providing good information rather than spam, you are helping to build the health of the entire forum which benefits you directly, but also each and every other member of the forum. The forum becomes recognized as one which provides quality information and little or no spam.

Spam EmailsThe members can help to police the posts, or it can be left up to the forum administrator. Either way, the forum gains a reputation as a place where information and discussion can occur without having to wade through acres of spam and thinly disguised commercial advertising. Some forums reduce the amount of spam delivered by limiting or banning posts by new members for a period of 30 or more days following membership.

Others monitor directly by requiring individual approval of all posts. Some monitor posts only by new members. Forums may ban members who consistently disregard any of the forum rules, including that of no spam. Most forums have regulations which specifically prohibit the posting of spam messages, but it may be difficult to determine what exactly constitutes spam. By each member monitoring their own content and usage of the forum, it will improve the usefulness and reputation of the entire forum.

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