Adwords Account Suspended Due To My Blog?

My Adwords account got suspended today because of my blog. Yep you heard that right. Apparently its a “get rich quick” site. I’m flattered Google, thank you so much! 🙂 Anyways, they didn’t suspend all of my Adwords accounts, and as many of you probably are aware, you are more than able to make another Adwords account with your same information, for some reason, they just feel like suspending your older accounts for no good reason like this one.

Thank You Adwords!

Anyhow, read the email that I got from them about my blog, and honestly I have like privacy policy pages and don’t really try to sell that much affiliate stuff on it 😉

Ridiculous I know, but oh well its not like they are stopping me from creating or using my other Adwords account I just found it quite amusing that my blog was labeled as get rich quick! ( So you know what that means right? If Google thinks people can get rich quick with my blog, you better subscribe and start reading it! 😉

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My Site Is Banned From Google

Does Google Forgive? Forget the Sandbox – when you are in the doghouse, will Google ever “forgive” you and release your site back into the SERPs (search engine results pages)? Don’t worry, I’m not the one banned from Google, but if your reading this, than theres a good chance that your site might have been so read on and hopefully I can help you out!

We all understand the importance of top Google rankings – and in some cases people may get a little desperate for rankings and try things they shouldn’t. Or maybe they trusted the wrong SEO Firm and bad “black hat” stuff was done without them knowing. However it happened, once you are in the doghouse with a Google penalty, is there a chance you’ll…

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eBay Stealth Review FREE PDF Download Suspension Guide eBook

eBay has been the largest internet marketplace for as long as I can remember and definitely should be. You could probably sell anything you could imagine and someone will be there to find it. But the feedback system is a definite outrage, and I say that with passion. I’ve been into selling on eBay for quite some, and to be honest, I made my online bucks first there…

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