Adwords Account Suspended Due To My Blog?

My Adwords account got suspended today because of my blog. Yep you heard that right. Apparently its a “get rich quick” site. I’m flattered Google, thank you so much! 🙂 Anyways, they didn’t suspend all of my Adwords accounts, and as many of you probably are aware, you are more than able to make another Adwords account with your same information, for some reason, they just feel like suspending your older accounts for no good reason like this one.

Thank You Adwords!

Anyhow, read the email that I got from them about my blog, and honestly I have like privacy policy pages and don’t really try to sell that much affiliate stuff on it 😉

The site flagged as a ‘Get Rich Quick’ site.

Your Google AdWords account has been suspended due to submissions of ads
that promote an Unacceptable Business Practice. In response to the many
complaints that we have received from users and publishers, we’ve decided
not to allow ads which promote “get rich quick” sites.

While we regret any frustration or disruption this update may cause,
providing our users with the highest quality ads is integral to the
long-term success of our program. As noted in our advertising Terms and
Conditions, Google may refuse any ads or terminate any of your ad
campaigns at any time, for any reason.

As you know, we are committed to making the AdWords experience safe and
effective for our users and our advertisers. We disabled your AdWords
account after a review of your landing page quality evaluations because we
believe that this kind of poor-quality site creates a seriously negative
or possibly harmful user experience.

The decision to disable your AdWords account was not taken lightly, and we
appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Like it? I thought so. Ridiculous I know, but oh well its not like they are stopping me from creating or using my other Adwords account I just found it quite amusing that my blog was labeled as get rich quick! ( So you know what that means right? If Google thinks people can get rich quick with my blog, you better subscribe and start reading it! 😉

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