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Top 180 Social Web 2.0 Bookmarking Sites

You’ve heard it. Web 2.0 is the rage. Everybody talks about it. Millions are getting visitors/readers through these massive traffic-getting social networking sites. Digg, Stumbleupon, Technorati, etc. Do you want to be left alone? Join the revolution… now! Whether we call it web 2.0, web 3.0, web 5.0, I don’t care, these sites are getting colossal traffic, so why not take a pie of that and use it to direct people to your blog, right? Make money online and post your links to these sites today!

Step #1

Create an account with all these web 2.0 sites

delicious.com    slashdot.org    www.reddit.com    www.mixx.com    www.2collab.com    www.mister-wong.es    www.mister-wong.de    www.digg.com    www.blinklist.com    www.propeller.com    www.furl.net    www.mister-wong.cn    mister-wong.com    mister-wong.ru    www.mister-wong.fr    www.connotea.org    www.folkd.com    www.multiply.com    www.tumblr.com   www.diigo.com    www.linkk.com.br    www.linksilo.de    www.backflip.com    www.dzone.com    www.vesti24.eu    smi2.ru    www.clipclip.org    www.spurl.net    www.bibsonomy.org    www.memori.ru    sphinn.com    www.alltagz.de    www.moemesto.ru    www.toodoo.ru    www.gafanhoto.com.br    weblinkr.com    www.news2.ru    www.designfloat.com    www.linkagogo.com    url.org    quadriot.com   www.jumptags.com    spotback.com    www.fcc.com    www.buddymarks.com    www.bookmarks.cc    www.myvmarks.com    www.leenks.com    www.dropjack.com    www.indianpad.com    www.joomocracy.com    www.faves.com    wagg.it    nov.osti.info    www.tipt.nl    fixolas.com   www.ouvidizer.com    www.websapiens.net    www.craftjuice.com    cellphonenews2.com    www.bobrdobr.ru    kledy.de    www.myfavs.eu    pixelmo.com    it-ideas.com    www.mylinkvault.com    tagza.com    www.business-planet.net    www.dizzed.com    www.sitesays.com    chipp.ru    www.coolstreaming.us/iptv/    www.socialogs.com    www.linkarena.com    www.lieblnk.de    www.100zakladok.ru    www.indiareporting.com    www.chipmark.com    www.a1-webmarks.com    dialogo.ru 81.blogmark.ru    zakladka.de    www.dihitt.com.br    www.logwa.com    www.colivia.de    www.linkou.com.br    mr-bookmark.de    ho.tli.st     highvibeit.com    www.bestofindya.com/news    www.rambhai.com    www.webmaster911.com    www.plugim.com    levitar.com.br    postonfire.com    www.oopza.com    www.blogmemes.fr    wobblog.com    www.tooligo.de    forexindexy.com   www.digitalsoul.com    social.techeblog.com    beemylink.de    www.toxiclemon.co.uk    www.newblogs.ru    www.chaamp.com    www.bukmark.net    www.sweepsgoat.com    fav-man.de    koolontheweb.com    www.jackhumphrey.com/imnews/    www.easymash.com    www.demos.kubelabs.com/PHPDug/    www.klickts.de    www.totalpad.com    www.wolkenkratzer24.de    www.listerlister.com    www.faito.ru/tags    vidmix.ru    www.skoovy.com    www.askza.com    mcbookmark.de    newsroom.ie    www.getigadget.com    www.gogurl.com    www.paie.cn    meinbookmark.de    www.pixelgroovy.com    www.starton.us    www.realestatevoices.com    www.ludicrous.net    www.linksmarker.com    www.cmymark.com    www.tabletpccounter.com    www.th3scoop.com    www.newscola.com    ipopu.com    www.emodrama.com     blogreporter.biz    news.r55.ru    www.hatedorloved.com    www.topstumbles.com    b24.poel-tec.com    web20fx.com    findz.de    dig.gr    www.pluggos.com    www.mashfactor.com    www.diggdirect.com    www.surfurls.com    booki.at    blogstr.net    www.dewfun.com   carreview.co.in    www.homework.dp.ua    www.lopas.ru    www.rss.nsk.ru    www.twinprime.net    www.atalhovirtual.com    hi-news.cn    www.squigglr.com    bookmarkplace.com    dev.kubelabs.com/PHPDug/    www.laflink.com   hotload.ru   gebookt.de   www.expert-views.info   homebusinessvoices.com   amocas.com   primemoment.com   www.plig.heartofthetiger.com   www.sharingit.co.uk   memark.info   bookmarksocial.info   fixfilm.cn   www.buzzingtopics.com   www.seedz.org   favelicio.us   bookmark-one.com  www.propeller.com  


Not all sites are English, so remove those from your list. Pay close attention: Never use auto-submitters. You want to post to each site manually as each site has their rules and regulations. What to post? Other people’s blog post links  Interesting web sites  Your twits/blogs/urls/articles  Other people’s urls/articles  Etc. Make sure you update your profile on all the sites above and always include your main blog url to get targeted traffic.


Step #2 

Rinse and repeat You should be posting at least once a week to all the sites! The more the better! Just make sure you post other people’s links/blogs/stuff first, and yours later. You don’t want to be caught spamming these sites with your offers! Be smart – add value to the community – be a good citizen!


Step #3

Love the sites? Joined them and have something to say about them? Let me know below by giving me a comment! 

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