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Ways To Optimize Landing Pages Continued…

{EAV_BLOG_VER:e4bc3c05fe652067}Making affiliate landing pages stand out from the crowd is the secret to making money online. There are several ways to do it and I have just summed up some of my ideas below for all your viewing pleasure. Quite a long post, but after it if you don’t make more money online than I seriously can’t help you any more!

“I will give you my personal phone number” post 555-555-5555 If you want to personally “close” the deal yourself, this is a great idea, but get ready for the calls to pour in like you wouldn’t believe. This is great for a high priced item, and if you have your script for use on the phone together, you can minimize phone time by addressing your prospects questions.

Email address with the domain name showing If you show them your email address, it should be an address like this: [email protected] or [email protected] You don’t want [email protected] or [email protected] No “free” email addresses.

Specific Testimonials & ONE for every Benefit you offer. With name and web URL. This is a great rein forcer. Testimonials, first of all, should be complete with the person’s name, URL, and other information. You should have a testimonial for every different benefit of your service. For instance, if you have 24-7 support, it would be great to include a testimonial talking about a great experience with your tech support. If you have an interactive software program that tells you how long you have to live, make sure to include a testimonial of a guy who found out accurate results in 5 minutes. If your product is unavailable elsewhere, include someone who struggled for a while to find it, until she found your website.

Endorsement of someone well respected in your industry Has someone in your same industry product tested for you yet? Remember how I said give free complimentary memberships to potential affiliates, friends and bloggers? Well here is your chance to get some powerful endorsements. You can also make a DVD with your product and send it in the mail to a top selling guru or reviewer for a testimonial. Make sure you think over your incentives and presentation.

Use photographic or audio evidence of your claims in action Audio testimonials: Ask your product testers to record an audio testimonial always. All you need are one or two audio testimonials to add a real edge to your presentation. If your product helps you lose weight, put “before & after” pictures on your page.

Get your review published in a newspaper and link to the article After you have some external reviews, have a link on your page to the article, with a logo of the newspaper or magazine next to the link. “As seen in so-so magazine.” Remember to get permission to use their logo first.

Write up a highly educational article and submit it to a trade magazine. Have publications distribute derivative works of your product. Write articles that summarize your product and give complimentary information away for free. People will want more after reading yours and will come to your site.

What the product entails Break down what your product consists of. Be as detailed as possible when you are describing your product. Try to constantly find the great things about your tutorial videos, or your 50-chapter e-book, how long the audio lessons are and so on. Failure to do so will leave your prospect wondering why you didn’t break it down. The inability to paint a clear picture of what the customer will be getting is definitely a bad thing. You might even want to write a list of the great aspects of your product. After you have written down the gargantuan list, incorporate those features into a nice summary of the product. This summary should go towards the bottom of the copy, near the “desire” and “call to action” portion of the page.

“You can’t get it elsewhere for free” Everyone has learned this lesson at one time or another, or had the experience of starting up a website with great content, great copy & presentation but it just doesn’t convert as good as other products. The problem is not in your product or copy, but in the fact people can get it for free. People visit your page, after they have been to multiple websites and downloaded or copied similar material for free, and there is no way they are going to purchase yours for $34.95. There are things you can do to “counter” this, the most important technique being “You might be able to download a few hundred lame, played-out jokes at your free website, but here is where you get those killer, cutting edge, KNOCKOUT jokes, and you get them by the thousand.” You have to discredit “free websites.” You need to do it in a way that makes you come out looking like the winner. Don’t come out looking broke, having people ask you “why are you charging me if I can get it for free?” Just remember that you need to have your reasons together and let them know that yours is somehow better, different, more of, easier, quicker and more original than the other, then slam the other. The alternative is: Don’t get involved in products that are available for free elsewhere. It is always great to be able to say “You can’t get this anywhere else for free! Or just plain: “You can’t get this anywhere else!” -That is the best.

Don’t “sleep on it” limited time offer (add urgency to your call-to-action) You might have had experienced a time or another when you were so upset that you didn’t “move” on something or you were too slow and someone else got it. Remember those times you wish you didn’t wait? These people who are about to leave your site or landing page are about to make the worst mistake of their lives. It’s like when your mother asked you if you wanted that transformer and you said “no, not today,” then a week later it was sold out and you couldn’t find it anywhere! Connect and relate to your customer in that way. “Get it now, don’t risk losing this opportunity of a lifetime!”

“We are with (Payment processor)” Online fraud is rampant. People are downright scared. They might like the product, but if they have never heard of the payment processor, they might think to themselves: “Why are they using this payment processor?” Let them know “why!” Alot of copywriters explain that “They are with this processor that you have heard of!” When they might not have heard of them. Explain that this processor is the best and why it is the best.

Special offer -Design Special offer page & delivery page After they have purchased the product, instead of a normal “thank you page,” give them another sales page. At the top of the sales page, tell them that they have just made a purchase to whatever payment processor, then instruct them to scroll down. Now is the time to make them an offer they can’t refuse, letting them know they will never see it again. At the bottom of the page, have a payment button and a “no thanks button” and link. Some successful webmasters design a “multiple click through” special offer, which is as many special offers as you like, (Don’t do more than 3 or 4) one after the other. You can do it by either having the entire special offer in front of you as one big graphic, and the two buttons, one to purchase, another to exit, the exit brings up the next special offer & so on.

100% secure “Lock” image at checkout http://www.bigbillions.com/art/lock01.jpg As I mentioned earlier, people want to know that their money is secure and that they are not “leaking” their credit card numbers into thin air. Put a picture of a lock with the words “100% secure transaction” or “100% secure” next to it. You can also get some ideas for this by looking at other sites and the “lock” or “secure” emblems that other people use.

Put the physical address up If I got a nickle for everytime someone asked me what my office address was I would be rich. Along with your email, put your office address or address that your domains are registered with at the bottom of the page.

Disclaimer in the middle of the page (But works positively like a testimonial) Break the hype with a disclaimer that works as a legal “reality check.” This works well with sites where visitors may be highly skeptical, like business opportunity websites or weight loss products. A good positive disclaimer is one that says: This product is not a “certain stereotype.” but a detailed and proven system of workable methods and techniques to (accomplish certain things.)

As seen on AOL, etc, Online business bureau & “seen on tv” Stand verified by a watchdog organization. This will give you credibility. These organizations will typically charge you a fee, yearly, monthly or a one time fee, then you can place the seal with a unique number code on your site. If you get a commercial on TV you can have a “as seen on TV” emblem on your site as well. This can do great things for your credibility. You can also have “As seen on certain search engines,” As seen in magazines, famous forums or famous websites. Remember, if you are going to use trademarked logos or images, you need to get permission from the company before doing it. You can post text, but trademarked logos are another story, get permission.

Price discount Have you recently brought the price down? People want to hear this. They want to hear that you brought the price down just for them and it is going back up soon. They want a “limited time low price.” Sometimes, if done correctly, you can give three different prices: A list price, (Very high) a normal price, and a super low limited time price.

Check the entire site with three browsers! Different browsers interpret a webpage differently. Sometimes in Firefox a website will look all messed up, but in Safari it looks fine, and vise versa. Check your pages in all browsers and if you run into a problem, fix it for that browser, then check again.

Check metatags and download time Have you properly set up your metatags and keywords? Get your page ready for the search engine bots. After you are done setting up your metatags and “head” code, look up “webpage diagnostic tool” or check “webpage download time.” You will want to analyze your site for problems, possibly with the intro video being to large in file size, not enough keywords in the copy or too many images. After you get the hang of it, you will know how many images to use, or how large to make the file. The biggest flash videos I use on my sites are under 1 mb. You will want to make your page as small in file size as possible. Your site will suffer in conversions if larger than it should be.

Other types of payment accepted (Use images) Post the logos of credit cards and paypal. Most processors accept echeck as well.

“How to pay” graphic This is a tactic I once used on a website where the clientel was a bit younger and inexperienced with buying online, so we made a custom graphic that visually showed with arrows and text how to purchase the product with a credit card. Our conversions went through the roof! We knew when it was time to do this, in our case people were emailing us asking how to purchase the product. We had the purchase now buttons all over the place, so we figured that the problem was in after they got to the purchase page. They couldn’t figure it out for some reason. We took a screenshot of the purchase page and made visual references to the different aspects of the page and how to make the purchase.

“secondary response” -A pop up that appears when they try to leave You naturally lose alot of potential customers because it is a busy world and that’s just the way it is. BUT: You can at least program your page to change when they go for the back button. The page can ideally change to an opt in form or a special limited time offer. It’s worth a shot. You have nothing else to lose except visitors themselves.

Staff photographs Show yourself! When your visitors are curious to know who will be helping them with their customer service technical problems, show them! Put a face to the promise. You can also use a picture of a beautiful woman with an earpiece, ready to take your call, this works well! http://www.istockphoto.com is recommended.

Handwritten copy as a JPG. Throughout the copy, you can have some parts handwritten. They of course need to be a .jpg, so be easy during the “save file” process, make sure that the file is not too large in size, they add up! This can be a good touch, more cosmetic than technical, but appearance worthy.

Bolding, italicizing, underlining, highlighting that draw attention to important points Did you make the necessary adjustments to the copy as we went over before? Just checking!

Make it easy for the visitor to verify information The easier you make it for the visitor to verify that what you are stating is correct, the more conversions you will make. As we had spoken about earlier, the visitor wants to know that your website is the most legitimate, verified product on the internet, help them achieve their quest for excellence.

Spell Check! Run spell check on every page.

Broken Link Check Go through your website and look for broken links. Maybe even hire someone to do this as well. This is very important. Make sure all of the links are going somewhere good! Then after you make sure there are no broken links, make sure the links are going to the right page! (The page you wanted them to go to.) E.

Conversion Testing: Webstats! You need to count the unique hits (The individuals accessing your website) and divide the number by your actual sales.

Set up conversion tracking! Copy your conversion tracking code and place it in the source code of your thank you page.

Throw Adwords traffic at it. Start up a campaign with adwords using only the best keywords, (content not recommended for this)

Collect Opt In and Conversion Ratios Study the opt in ratio, total unique visitors and sales. Here are some figures that I go by: Good conversion: Per 1000 unique hits: 10% Opt in ratio (100 opt ins) 5% conversion ratio (1 out of 20 visitors buys my product.) Okay Conversion: Per 1000 unique hits: 5% opt in ratio 2% sales conversion 1 out of 50 conversion (1:50) Poor conversion: Per 1000 unique hits: 1% opt in ratio 0.5% conversion (1 out of 200 conversion) (1:200) Take screenshots of your conversions!

Ask a survey for free membership Another thing you can do to get a good idea of why people are not buying your product, give out a free membership for a couple days in return for a survey filled out. Here are the questions to ask in the survey: * What word did you type in google to get our ad? *What is your age? *What is your gender? * When you first saw our ad, what did you think you would get? * When you first came on to our website, what did you think? * Do you understand what our website can offer you? *Why have you not bought a membership to our site yet? *What would help you purchase a membership to our site? Take the answers and make changes to the site using the influence of your customers. After a few days of collecting finished surveys, you could make a list of all the things that people said and you’ll really know what people want! Every site is different, so this is a great way to find out your particular market’s buying patterns. This is market research at it’s best!

Have a 10 year old kid read it out aloud and change anything that he stumbles on. Remember, if a 10-year-old kid can’t read it, you have a little work to do. Make sure that the words are not too tricky, and easy and simple to understand.

Tell someone you want to purchase your site, see if they talk bad about it Instant message a few people, show them the site but don’t mention that you own it. See what they say. Don’t be too critical on yourself if they don’t like it though, this is very untargeted consumer testing, remember, they were not looking for the site, you brought it to them.

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