6 Tips To A Profitable Adwords Campaign

Here is a step by step guide I wanted to share with you guys about making a successful Adwords campaign. Anyone can make a campaign, but how to actually profit from one is the tricky part!

6 Tips To Success With Adwords

  1. Research your market and find a product you wish to promote that is in high demand or create a product of your own.
  2. Conduct keyword research. Use tools such as Google’s Keyword Tool to find the terms people are using to search for a solution to their problem that is related to your product. You need to research laterally as well, not merely vertically. In other words, instead of simply drilling down, “used cars” to “used blue cars” to “used blue cars 2011”, you should also search for synonyms and related terms such as “used blue sedans”, “second hand cars” etc.
  3. Check the competition. For each of your main keywords you need to check the competition you will be up against. You can do this simply by searching for your term on Google and seeing how many ads show up. While you don’t want too many competitors, at the same time you shouldn’t jump with joy if there are no advertisers. Usually, this means that there is little money to be made in the market. So, for example, if there are more than a hundred advertisers, that is pretty stiff competition and you might want to find a different keyword to start with. On the other hand, if there are less than fifty, while not easy, it’s not quite as tough and you could eventually dominate the niche.
  4. Create different ad groups with one main keyword or phrase per group. Each group will feature a different ad. Also, research an additional 10 or 20 keywords related to your main phrase for each ad group.
  5. Write your ads. Use the same copywriting principles you would for crafting a sales page, namely AIDA (Attention – Interest – Desire – Action), to craft effective ads. Create a different ad for each of your keyword groups and make sure to include your keyword in the headline as this has been proven to generate a higher rate of conversions.
  6. Track your campaigns and split test ads so that you can constantly improve and generate more profitable clicks. In fact, this is vital to taking advantage of PPC because even minute changes can severely affect your click through rate (CTR) as well as the number of sales you generate. The best part is that you will have results in hours or days rather than months, since you can use tracking software that offers real time information.


Of course, you will also have to set up a Google AdWords account, where you can set your daily budget as well as the maximum CPC you are willing to pay for each keyword. Once your daily budget has been met, Google will simply stop showing your ad for the remainder of the day.

This is why there are many who advocate that it is better to set a lower CPC rather than lowering your budget because it’s better to be shown on the eighth position of the list for the whole day rather than the second position for part of the day. There are also some statistics that show ads in lower positions tend to generate more sales and convert better.


Dino Vedo

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