Adsense Secret Techniques To Make More Money

Adsense is a great and powerful tool to make money online. But how does one use it properly and reap its awards? Awards meaning lots and lots of money. More money means a happier you. So read on and take notes!

1. Targeted Pointing Image Method:
This is an interesting technique that you’ll notice to increase your CTR by an easy 5%. Many gurus suggest the use of images alongside the ads to draw attention so users are more likely to click. I took this a step further by making only images that “point” at the ad as if to tell them “click here”. One example is a surfing site of mine. The image I used was that of a cartoon surfer who would point his surfboard prominently at the ad column on the right. This did indeed create a higher CTR than the original pictures where it was a surfer who just rode a wave. Remember to follow Google’s TOS by not suggesting people to click, but rather creating a psychological rivet towards the ads. You’ve been warned of this distinction!

2. Rename Manipulation
I’ve experimented before with a blank page and merely renamed the page several times to see what the contextual algorithms would pull up and I found out that you can significantly impact the contextual delivery by renaming the file into a keyword you wish to target. For example, on one of my work-at-home sites, it was showing data entry ads. Thus I renamed the file from index to “work_at_home.html” and this delivered a slight bit more targeted ads! Try this trick and you’ll fine tune your CTR. This works powerfully in arbitrage, if you can track the keywords that searchers find your site from. Try using dynamic redirects based on the keyword. Redirect to a page that’s named this (you can even do dynamic page creation using scripts if you want. Google’s algorithm is getting faster at catching up).

3. Navigation Bar Merger
This simple technique is by placing an ad during below or on the side of a navigation bar as if it’s a “sub” side menu next to your real menu. See it as an extension of the same thing. This works beautifully for 2 reasons… one is that some people think it’s another bar, and the other is that people just “miss-click” since it’s so close to the bar they want to click. Remember, this is not against the TOS at all. Now, remember to not compromise the quality of your site if you’re after repeat visitors. So be careful of this technique.
So there you go, those are just some of my adsense tricks that will assure you make money online! Stay tuned for the next adsense post!

Dino Vedo

My passion has been online advertising and building companies. As a successful entrepreneur, I have built a large number of multi-million dollar brands and I'm always looking for other opportunities to grow, network, and make a difference in the world.

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