AdsRow Review – PPC Advertising Scam Network

Most of you probably have never heard of AdsRow, I hadn’t either until I saw one of their ads on Google promoting their PPC advertising platform. I clicked on it and decided to port a few of my campaigns over to see how it would do. In my entire experience online with traffic sources, this one takes the cake for being the worst! I spent around 100 dollars in traffic, until I decided to pull the plug and call it quits with them. Tested 3-4 different campaigns all with similar results, wait, results? I mean NO CONVERSIONS at all. And please do note that I ported my already profitable campaigns with Adwords and MSN over to them, so they are already optimized and I should be able to get at least a few conversions, maybe not even profitable yet since it is a different type of traffic, but honestly I did not get one single one!

My AdsRow Stats and Impressions

Took a screenshot of my account so you guys can see that I actually got alright CTR on a few campaigns and they have a lot of traffic for really cheap too, but no idea where they are getting the traffic, since it just plains sucks! Also their interface is really buggy and made me bid .25 cpc for no reason!


They Stole My Money

Yep! Not only was I not satisfied at all with the campaign, but thats not what I’m talking about. You know how you set up your credit card payments with ad networks? Well I did that with this one, and they billed me for each of the campaigns which was fine, then I go and look the next day and instead of billing me another 25 dollars, they decided to take 400 dollars instead. What? Why the hell did they do that? I did not state anywhere that I’d like to add another 400 bucks to the account, if anything I can understand if they charge my credit card with the minimum deposit of another 25 bucks, but taking 400 with no reason at all, well thats just stealing.


So my overall impressions with AdsRow is…. HORRIBLE. Stay away from. If you guys had any other similar experiences with them, or would like to share any other experiences with other ad networks, let me know below in the comments!!!

Dino Vedo

My passion has been online advertising and building companies. As a successful entrepreneur, I have built a large number of multi-million dollar brands and I'm always looking for other opportunities to grow, network, and make a difference in the world.

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