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If you’ve been reading other affiliate marketing blogs, you’ve probably seen a couple of my comments, well, or hundreds :). I’m online almost all the time, as I try to do affiliate marketing full time, so I’ll always be on the look out of new posts by the top affiliate marketing blogs. But how exactly do I see all the new posts the moment they are posted? Simply get an account with and you will have your own personal affiliate marketing news aggregator! Once your account is created, you can add your own personal favorites that you want to keep yourself updated, and your set to go!

AffDaily – Affiliate Marketing News Aggregator!

AffDaily is required if you want to be in touch with all of your favorite and best affiliate marketing blogs and news. These bloggers include,,,,, and more! I recommend you go to, create your personal account, and customize your feed right away. Then, when you want to see if a new post has been made, it is right there in front of you!

Not only will you see new blog posts that are made every day, you will also be able to follow your favorite affiliate marketers via Twitter! That’s right, even has a twitter stream that is personalized for affiliate marketers! Keep in touch with all the news, hype, and drama that goes on in the affiliate marketing arena!

Comments = Traffic!

It’s a simple formula guys! There really isn’t much to it, but if you want traffic, and very relevant traffic to your website or blog, start commentating on other relevant blogs by other affiliate marketers! I’ve been doing it for a few months now, and I can say that I saw a huge increase in my subscribers and traffic! Use to keep your blogs that you follow right there in front of you and organized, and start commenting away!

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