Affiliate Partners And Your Product

Many marketers start the product launch process without thinking about the resources they are going to give their launch partners, i.e. the affiliates and JV partners. These people, particularly, the JV partners, are busy people who haven’t got time to sit down and create resources to market your product.  They are going to want you to provide this.

If you are smart, you will do this. The easier you can make it for your partners to promote your product, the more chance you have of them promoting it. We have discussed the pre-launch email sequence. This is something you can create and allow the launch partners to send out to their lists.  As there may be a high degree of cross over between this list (how many of the same launch offers do you receive?) you may want to make the emails unique.

The easiest way to do this is to write the email and then spin it using a spinner and send each launch partner a different copy. It says the same thing, but in a slightly different way so that if people read it more than once from different marketers they are not going to be put off by having received dozens of the same offers. You can take this a step further and produce a free brandable report that your launch partners can send out.  This can provide people information about the subject and about how your product makes their life easier and will help to convince them to buy the product.

Many marketers don’t make enough resources available to their affiliates which means they are potentially losing sales.  You need to remember that your affiliate promote a lot of different products, not just your own.  The easier you can make it for them to promote your products, the more they will promote them. You need to ensure that your affiliates have some method of tracking their sales and sign ups.  This will help motivate them.  A great motivator is to send them an email every time they make a sale as this reminds them of your program and the money makes them promote it more because they see it is working.

All of these techniques will help you to make sales. You can expect 80% or more of your traffic to come from affiliates, which means you really have to look after them and provide them with plenty of tools to make sales.  You can even provide them with training, which will encourage newer affiliate marketers to promote your products too.

The more people you have promoting your products, the better it is for you as potentially the more money you can earn. On launch day you want as many people as possible to be emailing their lists and telling everyone about your product. This is the desired result of creating the buzz. The partner resources will help to ensure that these people promote your product.

Dino Vedo

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