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Most affiliates settle with the most popular and most prestigious affiliate networks. Guess why? Well it works and your almost guaranteed to get paid on time and don’t really have to worry about getting scrubbed as they have very good policies in place. But is it the BEST CHOICE? I don’t think so! I’ve been able to get extremely higher payouts on some more private affiliate networks where they only accept pre qualified affiliates and do a lot more screening to get accepted. Sure, it’s a bit more work but well worth it!

Affiliate Networks Exposed!

Now how do I find a network that fits the bill? was created for that reason! Any affiliate network imaginable should be listed there, and probably is! It’s the best resource for finding about new networks, established networks, which pay and which don’t! Not to mention there are thousands of users and affiliates contributing to the reviews, so get ready for some revealing information if the network is up to no good!

Read The Reviews!

If you always wanted to join a network but were afraid they weren’t trustworthy enough, go read some of their reviews on and see how they stack up. Not to mention, each review on the site comes with full contact details of the affiliate managers and even the owner of the network so your guaranteed to get in contact with someone!

So what do I suggest? Check out right now, contribute, read and browse through all the affiliate networks available and sign up with a few of them. Check out their payouts, and more than likely you’ll end up finding a similar offer with a much higher payout! Get to work and make that money now!

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