Amazon Stealth Review – Get Back On Amazon After Suspension

So What Happens When You Get Suspended from Amazon? You will have an immediate account hold, all your listings will be blocked forever, and your money will be held by Amazon for at least 90 days before you can have it sent to your bank account. Not only will Amazon close your current account, but they will store and track all of your computer information.

This includes your IP address, cookies, flash objects, and computer hardware*(more about this later). Not only will they track these things on your computer, but they will also store your Name, credit card number, bank account number, email address, physical address, phone number, and any other information you may have given to Amazon. Sounds easy right? 


If your Amazon account was suspended, than your only sure fire way of getting an new Amazon account is by getting the Amazon Stealth eBook. It is the single most valuable tool that is essential for you to use to get back to Amazon and safely start listing items. If you don’t follow the step by step instructions in the eBook, you will end up losing your account, and only getting suspended again. Amazon is very quick and clever in recognizing new accounts that are made once your suspended, and will catch you. Amazon even has more advanced tracking methods than eBay or Paypal, so if you manage to get a new account after being suspended or blacklisted from those two sites, Amazon will not be as easy. Not only that, but Amazon tracks certain serial numbers from your hardware inside your computer, so your safest bet is to purchase the eBook and learn for yourself exactly what it is and how you can alter it.


So in summary, if your account was blacklisted or suspended, your only option is to get Amazon Stealth. Its rather cheap, a mere 50 bucks or so, and the makers of the ebook guarantee that you will get your account back pronto. Not only that, but they walk you through most of the steps in detail, and offer great support once you've purchased the product. So give it a try and let me know how you like it!


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