Benefits To Making Money With CPV Traffic

CPV gives you the ability to target with Keywords and URLS… Pretty Amazing! What I really like about CPV here is that it really allows you to target your niche. Target that audience that's ready to buy that's really looking for the information and your product. Learn the basics of PPV first by visiting my earlier post about how to make money online with PPV Traffic.

There's several ways to target your CPV/PPV and we're going to show you exactly how that's done.


1. Through keywords, just like PPC

2. Through Targeted URLs


What I mean through URLs is that we actually have a piece of software you can purchase and this piece of software will actually go through the search engine based on the keywords you selected and scrape up the first 1-5 pages of Google results.


All targeted keywords and URLs of specific websites. You will actually be able to target that URL. Meaning when someone games to GameVance and downloads the game and accepts the advertising and that person is a 45 year old male; Later that day he goes to Google and types in "Weight Loss" or "How to Lose Weight" and you are actually targeting one of those URLs on the first page of Google.

Your Ad would be displayed. The minute he clicks on those URLs, your pop-under will show up under his advertisements. It's pretty amazing how it works. So that's how targeted you can get. We can actually target it website specific.

It could be that's how targeted you can actually get in your advertising and we're going to show how that's done.


Just Target Website URLs to CPA Offers Another reason why this works so well is that you can direct link to your CPA and Affiliate pages, there's no need to create custom landing pages, there's no Quality Score for your pages, and it's not based on the best 'catchy phrase'.


So it doesn't mean you have to have the best advertisement to catch someone like you would need on PPC, on Yahoo! or MSN & Google. This is all strictly targeted through the PPV network. Simply Plug in Offers and Target Websites URLs With PPV You will simply plug in your Keyword and URLS and begin promoting your CPA Offers.


So what are you waiting for? Sign up with DirectCPV and get $25 dollars off your first ad campaign!



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