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If your a company, than more than likely you thought about using a call forwarding option for your customer support. This can be crucial to develope a sense of trust and loyalty that you need from your customers. When people see a toll free number, they feel much safer and rest assured that they can contact someone right away if there is a problem.

You can use toll free numbers in a lot of places. Such as for your own company, your affiliate landing pages, and even just basic sites you set up. You could for example, have one line directly for your health niches, another line directly for your company niches, and so on and so forth. If you add a toll free number to your sites, you will guaranteed be seeing more leads and conversions. I have not split tested it to know the exact amount of increase, however, it will increase no doubt.


A great company to check out for this is Global Call Forwarding. They offer lots of great prices and really good options for internet marketers and small company owners. If your looking for cheap and low prices on toll free phone numbers, then definitely check them out!


"Choose from four unique service plans designed to meet the needs of every company or individual. You can choose to pay for your minute usage monthly or select a monthly plan with included minutes that fits your particular usage pattern. All our monthly plans with included minutes also come with optional RollOver feature, which allows you to save your unused monthly minutes for the future months."

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