Clickbank Affiliate Guide and Tutorial

ClickBank connects over a hundred thousand affiliates with thousands of information product vendors. In case you are wondering what an “information product” is, you are reading one now. Information products include e-books, video tutorials, audio teleconferences and software – basically anything that comes in a digital form (i.e. not physical). From your point of view, you sign up to ClickBank, get a free affiliate account and look for products you want to promote.

Whenever you get a sale, your account is credited with your affiliate commission and checks are mailed out every two weeks. The reason I love ClickBank is the large commission on every sale. You see, since ClickBank specialises in information products (where the product 8 vendor’s costs are tiny), a large commission is passed your way – often as much as 50-75%. It is far easier to get rich earning 75% of a sale than 5% of one (which is what you will get with many products on other networks such as Commission Junction and LinkShare).

For these reasons, the majority of this guide will be focused on strategies for ClickBank affiliates. One section of ClickBank that you will be visiting over and over again for the next few months is the ClickBank Marketplace, which can now be found at

The ClickBank marketplace lists all of the products that are currently being sold by vendors – so that affiliates can browse through and pick one to start promoting. There is no need to apply to promote products with ClickBank, you just enter your ClickBank name and get started. You can browse the product categories at ClickBank or search for a specific product or keyword. You may for example, choose to click on the “Marketing & Ads” category to browse through all products in that sector, or you may decide to search for all products with “betting” in their description.

You can also arrange products by the following factors:

How much affiliates have earned per sale in the past (taking refunds into consideration) %/sale

How much you earn as a percentage of the total price of the product (50% is the norm, 75% is a great percentage) % referred

How many of the sales made are referred by affiliates (so a percentage of 50% means half the sales are made by affiliates, and half have come from the product vendor’s own promotions) gravity

How popular the product is – how many affiliates have sold the product recently.

This is not a true number (so a gravity of 100 does not mean 100 affiliates have sold a copy in the last two weeks), but generally the higher the gravity, the more popular the product is and the more affiliates are promoting it.

Hope this post has helped you see the ins and outs of Clickbank and maybe got you excited about promoting on Clickbank! So take action and sign up!

Dino Vedo

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