Creating A Free Report For Newsletters

You’re going to need a digital product of some form.  It can be an eBook, which is the best by far, or it can be another type of free report.  Either way, they need to be full of real, useful information.  You don’t want to just send something to your people that is really vague and not helpful.  It’s all about providing them with a good, free gift that is helpful to them.  This will keep them coming back for more.  You will also be using this as something to get people to sign up on your list for, so it needs to be good.  If they like it, they will send it to their friends and family and they are likely to sign up as well.  The more people you are getting to sign up, the more money you will be able to make.

Now, a free report can either be sent as a Word document or a PDF document.  These are two file types that most people are easily able to open.  If you are giving away some sort of software trial, then it will be a program in an .exe format.  Because we are talking about free reports, we will cover how to create those.

Creating a free report is simple.  All you have to do is begin typing.  You will want an eBook to be laid out in a similar form as a traditional book.  You will also want to have a cover page, preferably with a graphic.  If you are not a writer, have no fear!  There are thousands of writers out there just waiting to write your eBook or free report for you.  Visit sites such as these listed below to find a writer:



At these sites you will be able to post a free project and then have writers bid on your projects.  They will place a bid and their price.  When you are looking at your bids, remember that you get what you pay for.  There are thousands of writers and you are bound to find one in your budget.  Be sure to be very descriptive in your project and tell them how many pages you need the book to be and what the subject is.  Many of these writers will also be able to offer you graphic design for your covers and 3D eBook covers at an additional cost.  If you are not a graphic designer, then you will probably want to pay the additional money to get a good cover.

Throughout the eBook, it is a good idea to use pictures and advertisements.  You can also have recommendations with your own links to your affiliates.  This is a great way to profit off your eBook and your affiliates.

Once your ebook is complete, you will want to have it converted to a PDF file.  You will need Adobe Acrobat to do this.  To do this cheaply you can sign up for Adobe’s program that allows you to convert them on the web for a monthly fee.  Or, you can purchase the program as well.  If you’re not too concerned about getting the most up to date software and spending that much money, then it is a great idea to look on eBay for older versions of the software that will do the trick.  There are also simple PDF converters available as well.  Also, has a similar service available as well for a small fee. This is the best way to send your file because it will compress it and it also keeps people from editing the book.  That’s all there is to creating your free report!

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