Creating A Sales Page With Newsletter Themes

The next step is to create your sales page.  Because you are giving away a free product, you want to be sure that you keep it salesy and really reinforce the fact that they are getting this valuable product for free.  People love to see the word free, so you really want to play this up.  If you are not a natural born salesperson, then you may want to hire a writer to do this for you as well.  When a visitor comes to your page, you want it to capture them and then tell them about all of the benefits they will receive for joining your list.  If there is nothing in it for them, then they are not going to want to sign up.

This letter is also your first chance to make money as well.  You may be selling a product that has a bonus that is completely irresistible.  If he passes on signing up, he doesn’t get the bonus.  Or, you can be selling your product at a huge discount.  If the pass on it now, they will have to pay the full price later.  Or, you could be offering a product or package that can’t be found anywhere else.

At the end of your sales page, you want to give the reader two options.  They can either:

  1. Buy your product
  2. Not buy the product, but sign up for your newsletter to receive your free report.

These two options should be available at the bottom of your sales page.  If the subscriber buys from you then great!  If not, he is still signing up on your newsletter to receive the free gift.

Thank You Page

This is the last page that your buyer or subscriber will see.  This is where you will want to refer your readers on to your other products as well as thank them for signing up or purchasing your products.

Newsletter Theme

Before you start writing you are going to want to determine a theme for your newsletter.  This is important because you want your newsletter to be focused.  You want to keep it consistent so that you readers will easily be able to recognize you when they receive your emails.  With a focused newsletter you are also able to offer and promote products that are targeted to your readers.  It is also preferable that you focus your newsletter on a theme that is in high demand or a growing market.  People tend to be very interested in the latest trends.


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