Creating A SEO Affiliate Campaign

In the SEO only strategy, you will be skipping a lot of the steps.. but there are reasons for this. Just like everything else, there are some consequences to skipping steps, you will lose some of the knowledge you would get otherwise, but the bonus is that it’s completely FREE. You don’t have to spend a penny to get this up and running.

So if you don’t want to risk any money setting up your first campaign, and you want to ease into affiliate marketing this game plan might be perfect for you.  In the SEO campaign we are going to guess a little bit more when it comes to data.  It’s going to look like this:

Find a product and niche.

Do preliminary competition research.

Build seed keyword list.

Build out entire keyword list.

Choose keywords you think will convert nicely.

Check SEO competition.

Begin building article pages for SEO.

Begin linking strategies.

Defend SEO rankings.

Collect checks!


This strategy is great for people with no capital to begin with. The profit margins are fantastic because it’s an absolutely free method. The only thing it takes is time.

That’s where the strategy goes a little bit south in our opinion. As a beginner, you want to get a few “wins” under your belt early on. Going with a straight SEO strategy is a little rough early on, because you will be working in the dark a little bit until your rankings start to jump up, and your confidence will start to boost.

Your profits won’t be rolling in overnight, so what we recommend is to go after LOW COMPETITION keywords first. These are also known as long tail keywords, the keywords with lower competition, higher conversion rate.  This is going to do a few things for you.

#1) It’s going to prove that our system does work, as you see your pages rise to the top.

#2) It’s also going to start building a revenue stream for you.

#3) It’s going to build your confidence that you can use again and again on the search engines.

Experience is key when it comes to SEO.

Dino Vedo

My passion has been online advertising and building companies. As a successful entrepreneur, I have built a large number of multi-million dollar brands and I'm always looking for other opportunities to grow, network, and make a difference in the world.

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