Easy PPV Profits Review – A PPV Marketer’s Dream!

Most people fail at PPV marketing for several reasons. A few from the top of my head are not testing out enough urls, not testing out different offers with your landing pages, and most importantly of all, having a poorly designed, unattractive landing page for your offers. PPV is a platform of marketing where you have to engage the user to your advertisement and get them to take action.

Unlike PPC marketing, users aren’t interested in whatever you are trying to sell to them, since your actually interrupting the user, you need eye catching landing pages to rake in the big bucks! Most people think that direct linking works, but little do they know that most of the affiliates who take that extra step and market to a particular niche or demographic are getting much higher ROI’s and spending less money. The money is in the details, and landing pages are essential to PPV. So if your no Photoshop expert, nor a javascript programmer, I have just the solution for you today!

The Solution: Easy PPV Profits

Easy PPV Profits has done all the hard work for you! You will receive 30 High Quality PPV landing pages designed professionally for the most profitable niches currently in PPV! Now what does high quality mean? Well lets break it down for you so you know exactly what you can expect from each landing page that you will be receiving.

Each Landing Page Will Come With:

  • Pre-Selected Attention Grabbing Colors that are surely to get the users reaction and opt in to click.
  • Animation from buttons to arrows pointing at what you want the user to click to get to the offer.
  • Professional copywriting that attracts people and makes them interested in the offer that you are promoting.
  • Geo-Location script that will locate the users city that they live in, and automatically display it.
  • Countdown and Timer Scripts that will make the offer exclusive and limited for the user to show urgency.
  • Keyword targeting on the landing page to increase CTR and conversion rates dramatically.
  • Optimized landing page dimensions fit perfectly for the top 3 traffic sources such as TrafficVance and LeadImpact.
  • Audio background for EACH landing page. If you aren’t using audio, your losing money!

It’s Time To Choose

What’s more valuable to you? Your precious time as an affiliate marketer or raking in the big bucks as your optimizing campaigns? I think we all know the answer. Time is money, and with these professionaly designed landing pages at your finger tips, you would be crazy to pass out. If your a PPC marketer and never tried PPV, now is your chance with this head start from the competition. Get your PPC campaigns onto PPV right now and double your income! It truly is as simple as that with Easy PPV Profits.

I’ve done PPV marketing for almost a year so far, and I can tell you that the biggest issue that I’ve had is making landing pages. I hate doing them and it takes forever. I’d rather be optimizing and checking stats then making landing pages. If your like me, this decision is a no brainer! The product also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so you truly have nothing to lose.

I say pull the trigger and dive right into PPV marketing with a super big head start on the competition. What do you think?

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