eBay Final Value Fee Fraud and Scam

eBay was the place to be a couple years ago! People were becoming super rich reselling products and making insane amounts of money. I don’t know what it was back then, but people simply were willing to pay lot more money on eBay than in stores! I remember back in the good days that I could go to a store, buy a t shirt, some name brand ofcourse, and relist it on eBay and make a few bucks!

Back when I was first starting with making money online, that is exactly what I did! But this post isn’t about the past and for good reason too, since eBay has become the place NOT to go for selling stuff online these days. They have been treating sellers horrible, and with the route their heading in, only time will tell how many more sellers and powersellers they will be losing.

eBay Final Value Fee Scam

So what’s the eBay Final Value Fee scam I’m talking about? Well its quite simple really, in eBay eye’s anyways. Imagine this scenario. You sell an item, and the buyer receives it. He doesn’t quite like it, makes up some lame excuse, and even though you say no refunds, eBay agrees with him and allows him to send it back. Your ok with this, since there really isn’t anything you can do. Now what ever happened to that final value fee that you paid? Imagine the item being a cell phone like an iPhone. The final value fee for that would be close to 50 bucks. Do you get it back? Nope not anymore! The only way you can get it back is if you go into the eBay live chat, and complain to them stating that you want it credited back to your account.

No Easy Way

There is no way in eBays dashboard to get this credited back to you. Crazy huh? Its your money and they don’t want to give it back to you. Before all the new updates, you simply could open a dispute to get your money back, and state that the buyer had returned the item for a refund. They completely took that away! I was shocked to learn about that and just got off the eBay live chat and the person on it said this to me:

Funny right? They require you to chat with them and request your final value fee back for every item that gets refunded. Most sellers don’t know about that and will never do all the steps I did to get their money back. More money for eBay with their bad business practice I guess! Hope eBay changes the way they do business or they won’t be seeing me ever again.

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