Email Marketing Tips For More Profit

If you haven’t gotten involved in email marketing yet, then you are missing out on some amazing profits.  As with any system, you can always improve for best results.  Here are some email marketing tips to help you see those profits come flying in.

  • Increasing Your Opt-in Conversion Rates
  • As always, you want to give your readers something of great value.  This is no different when you want them to sign up for your email marketing campaign.  You could offer a free report about the niche you are involved in, a two part video series but only show them the first video, or a special promotion to one of your great products, all if they just give you their email.
  • Keep the opt-in form ‘above the fold’.  In other words, keep it where they can see it without having to scroll down the page.  This makes the process as easy as possible for them to be a part of your list.  It helps increase your conversions rate tremendously.
  • Test out adding an entrance or exit pop-up form.  Adding simple scripts that include this feature allow you another chance to capture that email.  This can be extremely helpful just in case they didn’t see the form or if they got distracted by some other great information you had on the site.
  • Getting Even More Qualified Prospects
  • Ask for both their email and their name with the opt0in.  This allows you to approach them at a more personal level throughout your email marketing campaign.  It also helps cut down the amount of freebie seekers out there.
  • Have them confirm they actually want to be on your email list.  Once they enter their information and click submit, having them actually confirm they want to be on your list will make sure you have interested viewers instead of just anybody.  Remember, most autoresponder services charge for large amounts of subscribers.  You don’t want to spend money on those that won’t have a return.
  • Making More Money From Your List
  • Once your prospects confirm to be apart of your email list, they get sent to a thank you page.  Take full advantage of this by offering a one time offer.  If you are selling a book or video course, give them a special 10% discount only at this stage of the process.  You can see some great conversions while the fire is hot.
  • If you have that product coming out in the next month, get your list ready by building the anticipation.  Don’t just throw out the promotion when you are ready to accept their money.  Get them excited a couple weeks before and let them know exactly when they can get it.  You will have people lining up at your door for your upcoming product when done correctly.
Using all of these email marketing tactics can definitely improve your campaign. An improved email marketing campaign means more money in your pocket. That’s what we are all after, isn’t it? Give Aweber a try as it will definitely make you more money online!

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