FREE $60 MyAds Myspace Coupon for Advertising

Shoemoney is back again with this fourth and final Shoemoney Video. This time, Shoe is talking how to use the Fox Ad Network(FAN) MyAds. Fox has spent the past year revamping the MyAds platforms by extending the reach of their ads well beyond MySpace and their original publishers – you can now target all Fox properties (like the Wall Street Journal) with MyAds network.

In the video, Shoe helps you out on setting up a My Ads account for the very first time. To help you get used to MyAds for yourself, Fox has made $60 coupons for anyone who watches the exclusive Shoemoney video. You can use this $60 to advertise anything you want. How cool would it be to see your advertisement for your website or blog on the Wall Street Journal?


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