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You ever hear of someone becoming a "victim" of their own success?  Maybe it's even happened to YOU – but even if it hasn't YET, you might be alarmed to find out that it WILL. It's true.  The "cost of doing business" online means high visibility, and like it or not, that can put a BIG target on your back.  Are you sure you don't have one already?

I know its a freaky reality check in that video from me but you need to watch it today.  Even better, watch it RIGHT NOW. See, success can sometimes cost PLENTY more than just hard work.  When you're getting the attention of MASSIVE amounts of prospects, you're also getting the attention of CROOKS. Not to mention freaks and weirdos, but let's just START with the crooks.  There are crooks that will see you as the COMPETITION – and try to take what's yours by throwing legal trouble your way.  Even INNOCENT businesses can crumple under a costly legal battle. There are some crooks who will ENVY your success – They think the best way to get a taste is to just STEAL YOUR STUFF and use it for their own profit.  AKA "scumbags" – I HATE 'em!

But THIS is where having the law on your side can be FUN!

> The same laws that protect you from dubious claims…

> The laws that protect your OWN stuff from theft…

> Those same laws actually allow you to exact legal REVENGE…

> VENGEANCE on the people who try to mooch off your hard work!

And let me tell you, JUSTICE feels GOOOOOOD. 

If you've ever felt that hopeless feeling of seeing your hard work copied and stolen online… And if you're ever successful in this business, it WILL happen… 

…You probably felt hopeless, like you could NEVER do anything to stop them.  That's what they'd LIKE you to think.  If you give up, they get away with it!  But you don't have to LET them.  Heck no! How would you feel if you could make those thieves choke on a bill for $100,000 PER infringement!  It's not about making money off them – it's about defending what YOU earned.  It's about justice.  But you can't do it at all if you don't treat your business with RESPECT.  Respect it enough to get COVERED and get LEGAL. You need the disclaimers.  You need the policies.  You need the terms and the notices.  

And you can get them all here:

Click Here >> Watch Shoemoney's Latest Video Right Now!

I am giving FREE samples of EVERYTHING you need to cover and protect yourself and start showing your business and your PROFITS the respect they deserve. And I even shows you what it can be like when you get to go AFTER the crooks and make them PAY for trying to make YOU a "victim" of your own success. Do what you need to do.  After all, we're not just PLAYING here – this is serious business! Treat it that way, or no one else will!

P.S. This might just be the most important link you click for you business EVER. 

So check this out NOW, so you'll know what to do when you get the inevitable angry letter from a lawyer… or if you ever need to send one YOURSELF! 🙂



Legal Disclaimer from Shoemoney:  In this video I walk you through my exact experiences and understanding of the legal system from the dozens of cases we have had over the years.  I am not a lawyer.  You should consult with a lawyer before acting on.

 Watch Shoemoney's Latest Video Right Now!

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