Google Adsense Arbitrage Secrets

Here’s an easy make money online method to bring cheap search engine traffic to your webpage by leveraging different keywords of the buyer cycle. You just need to fill it with paid ads like Google’s Adsense program.

The key is realizing that one can gain good CTRs if you send a niche’s search traffic to land on Adsense ads targeting a sub-niche. For example, I can send traffic from the search term “buying a bike” to a landing page that targets a selection of specific BMX bikes. A person searching for “buying a bike” is probably someone who is considering and needing further information about his potential purchase. Directing to a set of targeted Adsense links is both beneficial to their info gathering and makes you a good coin because …

Targeted “buyer ready” ads almost always pay more than broad “info-seeking” terms. Even if a keyword has only 10 “buyer ready” ads, the cost for the same ranking is about the same as a keyword with 50 “info seeking” ads competing. Thus, we buy the cheaper “info seeking” ad traffic. In arbitrage, all we do is target a slightly more specific, buyerdriven set of key phrases for the Adsense page.

Here’s one example …. I’ll be driving traffic from a low cost competition, but high volume info-seeking keyword like “buying a bike” on Google AdWords (you can use any search engine). I’ll be sending it to a landing page like this: Notice how the ads are primarily BMX brand targeted as a suggestion to the user who’s considering to buy a bike.

To increase the CTR on your Adsense ads, be sure to connect the current state of mind with those ads. A simple sentence like the one at top “Looking To Buy A Bike? See Some Of These BMX Bikes Now” can make this transition of curiosity to click = $$$$$$ in your Adsense account. How do we achieve this page targeting?
I’ve done the following: – Add a few articles of targeted content on your page, on the side of the Adsense, without obscuring it.

Make sure these articles contain the title targeted at the keyword. Much of the content (articles below the ads) are all about BMX Bikes. – Target the meta tags (title, keywords, etc) – Target the name of the file with the keyword i.e. keyword.html Normally, profit margins are realized only by going from broader to specific keywords (buy broad ads, target subniche Adsense). However, the reverse of this targeting can also be true sometimes. This means targeting a sub-niche’s PPC traffic to a broader niche’s contextual ads. You’ll eventually develop a good intuition of whether to go broader or narrower in every case.

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