Google Page Rank Update January 2011

Looks like Googles new page rank update has finally gone through for this year! Now originally my blog was a page rank of 0, but finally its not 0 anymore and I’m extremely happy about it. Sure we all know that page rank doesn’t play that big of a role anymore in search indexing and SERP rankings, but it is valuable when you are selling link spots or plan on selling your blog or site eventually.

Check Your Page Rank!

Anyways, wanted to make this post short and sweet and just let my readers know to check their websites to see if they increased their page rank at all, and if you have, let me know what it is changed to now as I’m curious to see how other blogs did. Mine jumped 2 page ranks so I was pretty happy about that, but I think it only was changed for my home page, not sure if my older posts actually got any page rank at all.

Page Rank Went Down?

Just checked John Chow’s blog as well, and from I remember his blog was a page rank of 6 before the update this month, and now it seems like its only a page rank of 5? Guess someone isn’t doing enough back linking on their blog huh? His page rank of 5 is still better than my 2, but still something to keep in mind as I look to over take his blog.. muahah 😉

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