How To Approach Different Niches or Markets

To me, there are three main “Superniches” that will never ever go out of style. They are – Health, Wealth, and Relationships  And these categories don’t fail no matter the state of the economy, people are ALWAYS interested in these categories (it’s not something like ‘dining out’ or ‘movie rentals’ that people usually will cut back on in hard economic times)…  But speaking of dining out, what would be a good idea would be to sell ‘how to save money dining out’ or ‘how to save money taking a girl out on a date’….something like that….I’m just brainstorming now.

But anyway, back to my point…  These ‘super’ niches can be broken down into subniches – For example….  


Health can be things like

a. Fitness  

b. Weight Loss  

c. Lower Cholesterol  

d. Improve your Golf game (like targeting athletes).   

Wealth can be –  

o Making More Money  

o How to Save Money (like get cheaper insurance, or credit cards)    

o Coupons (for deal shoppers)  

o Job Searches   

Relationships can be –  

o Dating Advice  

o Personal Growth/Life Fulfillment  

o Hobbies  

o Travel/Gifts   


The reason that I even mention the idea of “Superniches” and “Subniches” is that this is the way I think of everything that I promote online, no matter how large or small the market is.  It helps me really drive deep into the market and find more traffic and more money. To learn more about picking niches and making money, check out the new Auto Mass Traffic software and eBook right now!


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Dino Vedo

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