How To Check Your Website In Every Browser

This is extremely acute for the conversion aspect of your seo campaign. If you spend all of your efforts to get someone to come to your website, but yet individuals can’t take action on your website due to the badly coded conventions it uses, then all of your efforts are wasted.

When you are getting your website designed, you should make sure that your website shows up well in:  

Internet explorer  


Google Chrome  


Opera 19


If you don’t have your websites showing up well in these browsers then believe me, your losing sales without even knowing about it. I didn’t even know that people used the lesser known browsers like Safari until a prospective customer contacted me one time to inform me that he wouldn’t purchase from one of my websites because the formatting of it made it too hard for him to read anything!  

So, when outsourcing web design, make sure to tell your web designer to make sure that your website shows well in these browsers as that’s their job.  If you don’t have the capital to outsource web designers, then you should join some popular web designing communities and ask them to help you find hacks to make your website show up fine in the browsers that you are having issues with.  

In addition, instead of downloading all of these web browsers, you could use a browser screen capturing tool such as Broswershots:


Also, if your designer codes your website in a “fixed format,” then you should check to see how your website will display on different monitor resolutions. You can use this tool here to check how your  website looks on a variety of different screen resolutions:

Make sure to check each and every one of your websites that you own, especially if you are receiving lots of traffic, or or planning on running an advertising campaign for it. Make sure it shows up perfectly in each  browser before doing anything! Hope this helped you out a bit, if it did, leave your thoughts below!

Dino Vedo

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