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Now I am going to show you how to find goldmine products, how to promote them and when to promote them in order to make money online. From all of the strategies that I have either invented or inherited from other marketers, they all can be described as what I call: “A combination of environments, timing and promotional vehicles.” I strongly recommend studying Google adwords using the “built in” online tutorials you can access within your Google adwords account. We first need to make sure that people don’t click on your ads, cost you money, then they do not buy your product. (Your PPC investment is wasted on 30-second viewers.)

First, your product.

Find a product that is going to ROCK. *Sell high-converting items (Demand is high, Sales page is great.) *Sell high priced items (If it converts well and the demand is there.) *Sell items that are extremely cheap to advertise with PPC: $0.03 a click, $0.05 a click, etc. (Keywords that convert well that nobody is using, Opening day new releases, brand new niches that no competitors have found yet.) Now the best thing to do is to compare the products you are considering to promote and the ones that score high IN EVERY CATEGORY according to these factors, should be bumped towards the top of your list. The product needs to convert, pay out and cost less to promote with PPC for you to even consider it. You might not want to consider a product that converts well but only pays out $10.00 and costs $0.90 a click. If you have made a list of other products chances are the others ones will have much greater potential. I have a friend who spends the most time RESEARCHING niches than the actual making of a campaign. (95% research, 5% campaign.)

Now this is not the way all successful marketers do it, but but you could see why he does if he finds a product that pays out $190.00, sells like wildfire and costs five cents to promote, setting up an adwords campaign to capitalize off this would be a snap. Now I am illustrating the “easy way” to make alot of money with Adwords or the other PPC’s. I have not gotten into the aggressive, advanced strategies yet. Imagine you are the Karate Kid and you have been just trained to wax the floor, sand the side and paint the fence, when you step up to fight, you will use a combination of the skills to win, no matter what the challenge. I will tell you this, there is a way to make a profit selling any product with PPC, as long as it converts. We haven’t gotten to that part of the ebook yet. So, we have been talking alot about the product itself and not the other aspects on how to make money online.

Let’s talk about your ad campaign, your ad copy and your keywords for a sec: *Use “special keywords.” (Brand names, misspellings, competitor’s names, negative keywords and combinations.) -Use a thesaurus to find other ways of saying the item, add “special words” onto the “base” keyword. (We will get into this soon.) *Use only one keyword duplicated with brackets, quotes and broad and maybe plurals only for each adgroup, that’s it. *Use more adgroups and limit your “cost per clicks.” *Optimize your landing page so it influences your quality score: (A different landing page for each adgroup is the best, but a drop down box with keywords works great too, the text on your landing page contains your keywords in it, keep it super clean.) *Influence them to buy before they click with your adwords ad copy.

Now, let’s talk about supplementary monetization. (Making the most out of your efforts AFTER the visitor clicks on your ad.) *Influence them to buy with your landing page. *Capture leads with your auto responder on your landing page. Don’t just waste your $0.20 a click on people who will leave the page. *Make a deal with the merchant to set up your own unique “members thank you page” so that you can receive even more commissions from the prospects you sent that signed up. Now, here is some basic information that covers what to do if bad things happen that you can’t control: Your competition click-frauds you by clicking 20 times on your ad: *Get a refund from Google or whichever PPC service you are using. (If this happens, if you have a 150% CTR or something ridiculous like that.) Google “slaps you” and all of your keyword go to $5.00 a click: *Get a new domain name for your landing page. If you have any other nightmare stories and would like me to answer them, send me an email.

Now, let’s talk about Adcopy: Writing your ad must do two main things: Get a good CTR (Click through rate) connect and influence them correctly: A good ad copy attracts the consumer, intrigues them to click on your ad and buy what you are selling. Some people, and I have seen this taught in other ebooks, disregard the importance of having them click for the right reason. Here is a quick metaphor: You are going to pick up a girl. By the time you drive home to your house and she sees that you are still at your mother’s house, she won’t want to come in, so you try to tell every girl you come across this ahead of time and you find that no one is getting into your car. If I attract more untargeted people than I should be, I won’t make sales, If I put the price in the ad to get rid of freeloaders, no one will click. What do I do? You write an original, truthful, and influencing ad that gets high CTR and then bring down your costs on it. Here’s how you influence them: Go to the page you are promoting. What are the three top “buying benefits” on the page? Are these benefits giving the prospect a strong reason to buy?

They should be the strongest, “buy now or else” benefits ever. Put all three in your ad. Next, Gain the prospect’s trust: Use symbols in the ad copy including the authoritative Trademark symbols: On my computer, these are the key commands I use to get these symbols: ® option+r (Registered trademark) © option + g (Copyright) ™ option+2 (Trademark) What is the “display domain name?” Are you direct linking or do you have a landing page? Something I found worked great for a landing page I had selling laptops was a domain name complete with benefit, like this: You can also use domains that are not so far from the brand name of the business, but be careful the way you do it because of trademark law.

Paraphrase a shorter version of the most benefit orientated headline in your sales page. *Analyze your competition: Copy certain parts of other successful affiliate’s ads. *Cut your headline in half. Small words when your ad is surrounded by long ones, to “stand out.” *Adwords will automatically embolden any keyword in your ad that a user typed *Numbers are great, throw them in your ad! Examples: 40 days and I made $34,940 easily -I dropped 15 lbs in 3 days, etc. Is the merchant already being promoted via the PPC service you want to use? This is important to analyze because you will want to go about your campaign in different ways depending on if you have competition or if you don’t. allows you to research keywords in different countries. http://www.tradedoubler –The american market is the toughest.

Promote products that cost a fortune. A $3,000 product with clicks for 0.20 is a product you will want to promote. Furniture, music equipment, recording equipment, high end electronics, car accessories, music product equipment, kid’s toys, video game consoles, video games (Customers buy more than one.) designer clothing, sporting goods, DVD box sets, personal computer hardware, jewelery, camping equipment, laptops, computer software, home cinema, health and fitness equipment, DVD rental services, motorcycles, airsoft, plasma tv’s, lumber, car stereos, car rims, fur coats, etc. Major Niches are tough: Terms like [make money] are not recommended. You will see that every week, advertisers leave, and new ones appear. It is a pathetic cycle, but the traffic is so huge that you are always going to see new advertisers trying to take advantage of it, but the keywords are so expensive, no one ever makes money with a $40.00 commission. Remember when selling electronics to not send a customer who is looking for a JV2000 to a JV5500 page. They will not buy the JV5500 because they were looking for a JV2000. If you are using Adwords, remember to use these following terms as negatives: -tutorial (Unless you are selling a tutorial) -cheat -walkthrough -trailer -free -manual Good terms to splice with your model number are: store buy purchase website online store order Split testing: Split testing is something I do all the time. I do it with domains, merchants, ads for comparison. (Run the same ad for two merchants, see which merchant performs better, run two different ads for the same merchant, etc.

The goal is to at least get 100% return for your investment. * Use the Clickbank “new products” section *’s affiliate program is great. Let me tell you about something that Amazon does that you can use to your advantage: A GREAT advantage: Look at the “Customer’s also bought” recommended items next to the item that you are thinking of selling.

Do you know what this means? This means that you can get a great idea of what multiple items a customer will get together, so it would make sence to hunt down items that are sold with other items, the more the better.

Go to the wordtracker tool at build your keyword list with terms related to your product. Add negative keywords like -free, so if someone does a search for your product with “download free” in the keyword phrase, your ad will not show up for him.

You can then go to the adwords wrapper to add the commas and brackets so that you can include all matches. Set up an opt in, have that gimmicky ad to intrigue the surfer. So hope all this information was worthwhile, and good luck on your next make money online venture!

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