How To Get EDU Back Links To Skyrocket SEO Rankings

One of the most powerful ways to make money online is to generate authority backlinks is getting .EDU backlinks. This rockets your SEO campaigns like crazy. The quickest way to creating these are to search for a certain college website like “[college name].edu page” and you’ll get a plethora of pages that contain student pages. Notice that this shows one valuable listing called “Personal Student Pages”.

Click on those types of links and you’ll find a whole directory of student pages. Student pages can look like the following: You should look for students that share similar topics as your site. For example, if you are promoting an invention related e-book, you may want to look at students involved in mechanical engineering. Another method to find good link candidates are to search for the term “[topic] .edu” and this will give you several places to look. When you find a particular of interest, see if there is an email address for contacting. You can either offer to pay the student or staff to feature your link as a relevant resource.

Many times, if you send them a friendly email and converse with them on your topic of passion, that will be enough for them to link to you. For example, I had a site focused on “Black Hat” SEO and looked in Carnegie Mellon University’s internet information section. There was a student doing particular graduate research on search engine optimization. We chatted up, learned a thing or two and decided to link exchange. It’s powerful.

Repeat this process over and over…. Soon, you’ll have a massive amount of back links. Even if Google or Yahoo don’t float you up (which they will in their current state of algorithmic judgment), you’ll get very authoritative backed traffic from these links, since the search engines love .edu sites and therefore, increasing how much money you make with your niche websites!

Good luck and keep this a secret! :p

Dino Vedo

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