How To Spin Articles

In order to create a spinner syntax article, you need one regular seed article which is written as a normal article without any spinner variations. To get these seed articles produced you really have three choices:

  • Write them yourself
  • Use PLR articles
  • Hire someone to write them

The relevancy of the article compared to the site you’re linking to does not matter in any of the major search engines. So yes, you can link from an article about baking cakes to your site about chicken coups.  That said, I would recommend that you do use relevant articles for promotion as much as possible.  After you have a seed article, the goal is to be able to automate the creation of high quality spinner syntax articles from a single seed article.

How To Spin Articles

That way it can be spun, creating a new, unique article each time.  Here are your options to accomplish this:

Free – Spin them yourself. This is probably the way to get the highest quality spun articles because no computer can compete with the human brain.  But it`s also highly time-consuming and hard, manual labor. All you need in order to do this is Notepad or Word – any type of program where you can type and save your articles.

Paid – The Best Spinner. This is a cool piece of software that allows you to create high quality spinner syntax articles quickly and easily.  First it assists you the process if you still want to go the more manual route. But it also allows you to save any variation set you create for use again later (automatically).  Second, it has database of variations generated and save from other human users of the software.  With the click of a button you can create instant variations from common phrases with your seed content pulled from the ever-growing human edited database.  This is by far, the most powerful spinner software on the market.

It costs $47 a year but is worth every single penny and more.  You can literally load a seed article into TBS, click one button and have an article that’s put into spinner syntax with about 20% uniqueness. Click it again, and the software creates spins within your spins “nested spinning” easily putting the uniqueness over the 40% mark that’s required.  Combine the Best Spinner with PLR articles and you can push out lots of content and get a lot of backlinks with very little manual work from you.

Good luck and happy spinning!

Dino Vedo

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