How To Stay Organized as an Internet Marketer

You won’t believe how being organized can save you a huge amount of time. It’s one of the most essential skills you should learn, practice and stick to, so that you’re effectively managing your online home business. Do you know exactly where you stored your ebooks? Are all your scheduled payments for the membership sites listed out and do you know when the next payment is? 

Do you know exactly where the important websites or articles you have read are kept? Do you know what affiliate programs you have joined and what your affiliate links are and the passwords for them? Being organized and getting to know where to find the information is important. By knowing that you are organized, it puts your mind at rest. It allows you to focus on what’s important. A good way to get organized is to simply create a spreadsheet to store your information. If you’re writing an article or blogging on a particular topic, you may remember that there was a certain affiliate product you had which would go well with it. Use your spreadsheet to find what affiliate programs you have joined and what the affiliate links are.


Continue to use a spreadsheet to organize every asset you have. You can place a worksheet for:

Articles. List out title of articles you’ve written, sorted by date, and article directories you’ve submitted to

Banner ads. List out where you’ve placed banner ads, the cost, the date the banner ends and the number of visitors and customers the banner ad has generated for you.

Directories. Places where you have submitted your website to.

Pay per click. Places where you placed the ads, description of each ad, the performance and the cost.

Autoresponder. All the autoresponder lists you have created and the purpose for each one.

Solo Ads. Ads you have placed, the dates and topic of the email. The performance and cost of each solo ad.

Contact. Your list of contacts which you need to refer to such as web hosting company, payment gateway, affiliate partners, fulfillment services, broadband connection etc…



There is a feel good factor when you are organized. Every time I clean my workspace and nicely file the ebooks into their relevant folders etc… I get this feel good factor which motivates me to work.

A very good software program which can save you a lot of time is Roboform which you can get at

Roboform will let you enter your username and password once, so that the next time you visit the website, you can automatically fill in the login details. It’s very secure, plus you can store roboform in a memory stick and carry it around with you. I highly recommend you investing in this software as it will save a lot of time in searching for your login details.

Dino Vedo

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