Intensive Give Aways Marketing Method

First, let me explain what an 'Intensive Give-Away' is so that you can better grasp the impact of it to your online earning potential. An Intensive Give-Away is an online activity in which hundreds of people get together to build their mailing lists through offering free items whether that be products or services. Most times, these are digital products or services to make things go more smoothly for all participants such as ebooks, softwares, scripts, web hosting accounts, ecourses, and similar.  The most exciting thing about Intensive Give-Aways is that unless you are personally running the whole show, it won't cost you one thin dime to participate.

Now, not only is this a terrific way to build your mailing list, or add new subscribers to your existing list(s), it also provides you with a chance to earn a little extra 'on the side' cash.  So just how do you do this?  As explained in Money Making Idea #5, you will need to have a squeeze page already set up. This is not very difficult to do. In fact, once you've made up one, you can use that one as a template, or base, to create others giving your subscriber sign up page a look and feel that matches that of the Give-Away. Or, you can opt to keep it really simple and just send the Give-Away participants to your existing page without changing anything.  The real magic comes in after you have collected a new subscriber. And that is through the One-Time-Offer page. You do this through a simple additional line of code to your subscription 'Submit' button.


And I'm going to give it to you now. . .  onSubmit="FormRedirect()"  That little line of coding goes inside your form code in this area: <form action="" method="get" onSubmit="FormRedirect()">  


Wouldn't it be nice if that was all you had to do? But it isn't. There's one more little snippet of code you need to place inside the <head></head> tags within your HTML code. . .

 <SCRIPT language="JavaScript"><!–function FormRedirect(){setTimeout('this.document.location.href = ""',5000);}//–></SCRIPT>


Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there that don't know how to do this. Well, you have it now and I highly suggest you use it! What happens with the above code is that once a person decides to subscribe to your ezine/newsletter, fills in their information, and hits the 'Submit' button, they will immediately be taken to another page in place of the tired old 'thanks for subscribing' page.  Now you have the power to put in front of them whatever you wish to. Of course you should include a little “Thanks for signing up to XYZ mailing list.” on the page. But the real magic is what else you include, a la the one-time-offer!  Make it something really hard to pass up on too for maximum effect.


So, with an Intensive Give-Away, you can become a contributor for free, download all the free products everyone else is offering, pick up hundreds of new subscribers, and make yourself a little extra cash on the side.  Some Marketers will argue that you cannot get any good, responsive subscribers from give-aways such as these. But this simply is not true. You can get plenty of great, loyal subscribers through these types of events. Sure, you will have a higher-than-normal unsubscribe rate, but remember what I said earlier about that in the previous Money Making Idea? That's not always a bad thing and it's nothing personal either.

Dino Vedo

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