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If you are new to the internet marketing business, you are still in luck in the make money online world. It’s exactly the right time to take advantage of this all. While most people may be unaware of this, internet marketers are making millions of dollars working online, using a variety of ways. Some drive traffic and earn commissions from website owners that have affiliate programs. The website owners need the affiliates to promote their products, and therefore offer generous percentages of every sale to the affiliate that is responsible for referring the sale.

They track the sales by issuing a link tracking code to the affiliate. Basically, you pick a program or product to promote. Then, drive traffic to your tracking code by posting on message boards and with advertising systems. Any sale or action that results is your commission! Another way that these savvy entrepreneurs make millions is that they set up websites that generate revenue from search engines like Google. This operation is commonly referred to as “Adsense websites.” So if you visit the Ebay “Websites for sale” section and you see “Adsense website for sale” $80.00, the fellow is selling a website that makes money from having Google ads on the pages. Google pays you for “featuring” their ads on your page. Simple cash huh? Ok? So we just went over only two main revenue models.

The first was “Affiliate marketing” and the second was “Contextual Advertising” which is similar to CPA (Cost per action or lead.) This is where you are getting paid for every time someone clicks or signs up, not necessarily commission based. Affiliate Marketing is gigantic and extremely easy to get your hands into. Just like traveling from one city or state to another, you need highways. You need a vehicle, and that vehicle has to have a steering wheel. If you don’t steer, you will go off the road. This way of thinking is a necessity when targeting your ads to sell commissions. You need to dedicate pages to sell your promotions, and make sure that your affiliate efforts are targeted. They need to be as targeted as possible, in fact the game becomes a challenge of spending as much time as possible super-targeting your ad to product sales page and making sure your product sells at the same time.

It’s a balancing act. To get started, join a marketplace like Paydotcom or Clickbank or CJ, then you are given a multi-digit code, and you choose which products to promote. For example, you then take your multi-digit PayDotCom or Clickbank id/tracking code for use. You can also place this on your own website which re-directs the traffic through this tracking code. This way, the product that you are selling can tell that it was you that who referred any sales. Now, you post that combined link in a place where interested people will click on it. You will receive most of the money from that sale, because these vendor sites/products are in competition with each other for visibility on a marketplace. We are going to focus on affiliate strategies using classifieds, arbitrage and PPC’s. One example is Google Adwords, where you pay for your ad to be clicked on when someone does a search on Google, or Yahoo marketing for the Yahoo search engine etc. Let’s walk through one example. Sign up with Paypal, then Paydotcom.

Fill out the form and make sure you put the address you want your check sent to. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are located. Internet marketing is a global industry. PayDotCom will deposit your earnings directly into your Paypal account. You can then either have Paypal send you checks or direct deposit the cash into your bank account. You can also request a Paypal debit card! The same process goes for Clickbank where you can sign up and checks are delivered to your address. Clickbank’s tracking URLs are called “hoplinks” in their terminology. Your “hoplink” is your affiliate URL. Simply browse the marketplace and pick and choose which products you want to promote. Copy & paste the tracking URL and get busy making money! Check at the bottom of this manual to see the profitable affiliate program and link for TSAM. Once you have your ID you are an affiliate. Check your email, log into Paydotcom or Clickbank and get some coffee. Affiliates should go straight to Google Adwords, Yahoo/MSN marketing, classifieds, and the other outlets for advertising use. If you are starting out and don’t want to spend money right away, don’t worry, you can start by posting your ad in classifieds on the net, or in forums, your social page, etc. I recommend first spending time finding quality places, if your going to do that. Don’t spend time talking to or presenting your product to small amounts of people or people that are not shopping for that certain niche.

Dino Vedo

My passion has been online advertising and building companies. As a successful entrepreneur, I have built a large number of multi-million dollar brands and I'm always looking for other opportunities to grow, network, and make a difference in the world.

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