Make Money Online With Adsense

Making money with AdSense is one of the easiest ways to get started in earning big bucks online. What is AdSense and how can I make easy money from it? AdSense is a service provided by Google. You can open an account within 3 minutes and normally will be accepted on to the program within 24 hours. The only requirement is you have a website, blog or other online presence. In a nutshell AdSense allows you to display Google “paid search” Ads on your website.

When a visitor to your website clicks these Ads you are paid a small percentage of the money Google makes. This is often only a few ($) cents but as you are about to see these small amounts can literally add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars! In order to be successful and make money from AdSense you only need to focus on 5 key elements.

1. Keyword Research

2. Site Content

3. The Ads You Will Display

4. On Page SEO

5. Traffic

The Ads You Will Display

This is important because most people landing on a web page actually got there from a search engine such as Google. These people are looking for something. Each time they are presented with a website they are hoping it will display exactly what they are looking for if it does – it is very unlikely they will click any of your AdSense ads. So the secret is to display “most of what they are looking for” but not quite everything!

So they like your page but you leave them wanting more. On top of that you can test displaying different types of Adsense Ads. As a rule the less like an Ad they look the more clicks they will get. So while you may get a fair number of click-throughs on Ads like this:

Image 1:

You will generally get more clicks by carefully positioning Ads that look like this:

Image 2:

The reason that type of Ad can work better is because people (your site visitors) are often reluctant to click anything that resembles an Ad. If carefully placed the adsense above (see Image 2) appears more like a navigation option. On top of that Google delivers a better ad in my opinion as 3 of the 4 links above (image 2) are highly relevant where as only 1 is relevant in image 1. Hope this information has helped you make money online with adsense! Take action now and get started! If you need more information about google adsense, check out my older post about Google Adsense Arbitrage.

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