Carl Ocab Scam – Make Money Online Review

Making money online has been harder and harder. If you happen to be one of the thousands of people that search for the term "make money online" than you probably have clicked on Carl Ocab's blog since he is famous for ranking very high for this famous term.


Many people wonder if his story is true, since he happened to get really high search rankings almost over night, and no one really knows the truth of how he did this. Now he had some interviews with a few popular bloggers, and what he said was the secret ingredient of ranking this high, is modifying his header and posts. By this he means that for every post he specifically makes sure it is keyword rich and has the term make money online in it.


Now do I believe this is all he did? Definitely not, however this is what hes crediting most of his rankings for. I've done a quick backlink test, and to be honest he has a great amount of backlinks, but still not enough to make it as far as his blog ranks for in the searches. To date, he has just around 70 thousand backlinks, and with my blog having just 20 thousand in only a one or two months of being live, we will see how far my rankings boost once I get closer to his number.


But to sum things up, his blog ranking and how he really did it is a mystery to me and most people. Some might say that he really knows nothing about making money online and call him a scam, but I think his blog rankings is much more impressive than the actual posts that are in there. Nonetheless, I definitely recommend you check out his blog and try to learn for yourself how he does it and maybe apply some of it to your site as well.


Let me know your thoughts and what you learn yourself below…

Dino Vedo

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