Make Money Online With Stock Trading

Make money online with stock trading is the process of buying and selling stocks of public companies for a profit. If you know a companies share is on the rise, buy it for the current price, hold it, and sell it at a later date for a profit when you believe the stock has hit its ‘peak’. You can also ‘short’ the market if you believe a stock is actually going to decrease in value. So not only can you make money online from stocks rising in value, but you can cash in on stocks that lose money as well!

Trading Stocks is Exciting and Lucrative

Trading stocks is extremely exciting and lucrative work-from-home business. If you know what you’re doing, you can make boat loads of money with very little effort! Imagine, you could simply make 1 or 2 smart stock trades per day. It might take 1 hour out of your day…and that’s it, you’re done for the work day! Not bad right? Do you have a computer and an internet connection? Yes? In that case you’ve passed the first test and are indeed capable of playing the stock market from home. ☺ Let’s introduce you to some great online tools that will help get you started

Recommended Sites and Resources for the Stock

Take a thorough look through the sites below. They offer daily news, quotes and most importantly up to the second charts of stocks all over the world. Charts are absolutely critical in making your trading decisions, but I’ll touch more on that later. My recommended sites:
MorningStar – A great guide. Contains up to the second news and stock quotes, charts and more. There is so much information here you might want to consider making it your home page! Immerse yourself in the industry and study this site! Yahoo! Finance – Another great site to compliment MorningStar. Instant stock quotes, news and much more.
The Motley Fool – One of my favorites. The Motley Fool has been around for years and offers quality advice. They even have a stock advisor that I recommend to help you make smart decisions.

Using Charts and Other Must Know Details

I can’t stress enough the importance of studying charts, charts and more charts! If you’re considering the purchase of a stock, study the company, and its stock chart performance. Study the 60, 13, 8, 3 and 1 minute charts for the current market day. Then go back and study the stock performance over the past year, 3 years, and more. The more information about past performance and history you have in your pocket, the better off you are to make a sound decision. For new traders, I always recommend starting by trading lots of shares of 100 or less. It’s much easier psychologically for anyone to take a loss with only 100 shares going against you than it would be with 1000 or more shares in play! Follow this limit for the first month or so of trading and work your way up to bigger numbers. Once you’ve built your solid foundation of past success, ramp things up and the big money will follow. Know when to exit a stock. As important as knowing when to buy a stock, is knowing when to get out. You can MAXIMIZE your profits by knowing the exact right time to exit a stock. You will learn to develop this skill over time, and it is absolutely crucial.

Stock Trading Opportunities to Watch

Here are a few quick pointers you can take to the bank. I’ve found they work almost every time and will help you make big money! 1. Look at the previous days trading range. Subtract the high of the day from the low of the day. Stocks with the largest variance here are excellent opportunities to make money. Compared to other stocks that might have only moved a few cents the previous day, the stocks with a huge range can net you solid profits. 2. Look for stocks that have a significant gap at the opening of the market. Either up or down, it doesn’t matter. Stocks that have a large gap at the opening of the market are most likely to be traded in good volume, and therefore swings in price will occur. This presents excellent trading and money making opportunities for you.

Get in the Game

Ready to get in the stock trading game!? I want to help you make this a solid cash-flow opportunity for you! You can do it from home, and I will show you how.

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