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Trialpay has been making big splashes in the online marketing world, and for good reason too! If you haven’t heard or seen one of their offers, then you are truly missing out. Facebook has been using them for its users to buy “credits” which can be used for Facebook apps and other purchases directly on Facebook. TrialPay was founded by Alex Rampell, a young entrepreneur who got his start at age 15, when he wrote a popular software program that helped AOL users avoid losing their Internet connections. His software was later banned, but got him a lot of publicity, which he used to launch a brand new site, called Trialpay.

How Trialpay Works

It’s quite simple really, they offer alternative payment solutions for your business or website. So in Facebook’s case, they use Trialpay so Facebook users don’t have to pull out their credit card or actually pay Facebook anything for the “credits” they offer. So how can they give them stuff for free? There has to be a catch right? Well the catch is that they make you complete an offer from another advertiser, such as signing up for Netflix or completing a survey, and thus granting you access to Facebook’s credits for free! Other businesses may perhaps offer their product or download for free as well, but the user will have to complete one of Trialpay’s offers to get access to it. Once they do, the business gets paid and Trialpay takes a small commission for doing this.

Why Trialpay Works

Most users online don’t want to spend money for small things such as downloads or Facebook credits. Why pay when you can get it for free is pretty much how Trialpay works. Companies have seen greater downloads and actions by their potential customers, and thus have also made more money. If you can make more money and get more people to use your product, then I would say thats a win, win situation!

My Trialpay Account

I’ve been offering Trialpay for several of my eBooks that I’m selling online and I’ve seen great conversion rates with them! I also have credit card payments available, but I’ve seen that If I don’t offer Trialpay as an alternate payment gateway, that I get less people to purchase my product, and thus getting less profit. So here is a screenshot of my Trialpay account for the last few weeks and you can see that from the traffic I’m getting, (all SEO), the conversions rates are awesome!

If your selling products online, offer any sort of paid download, or want to give your visitors access to a premium section of your website, why not use Trialpay!? You will end up making more money, and will greatly increase your conversion/ opt in rates.

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