Making Money From CPA Directed Lead Pages

One of the most profitable ways of making money from CPA is to create niche targeted websites. Earlier I touch briefly on creating blogs and targeting your blog to your CPA offers, I’m going to now focus on that in more detail. As usual, my recommended script for creating these sites is WordPress. Now before we proceed to setting up WordPress and creating the site, we need to take a look at the inventory of the CPA companies. Log into your CPA networks and go through the offers available.

What you are doing is looking for offers that pay well, have good affiliate banners and images that you can use on your site, along with having a good landing page. For the sake of an example, let’s say that we decided we wanted to promote an offer that promotes weight loss.

We review the offers in the weight loss category, and we’ve decided that an “Acai Berry” product is the one we’ll select. In some networks you may have more than one “Acai Berry” product available, so we select the one with the best landing page and highest pay out that offers a free trial. We have now selected a “niche” which is weight loss, and a product which is an “Acai Berry” product. It’s now time to dig deeper into what we’ll be talking about on the blog that we are about to setup. To find topics to discuss we need to do some keyword research.

There are a variety of tools that you can use for your keyword research, but there are two main tools that I like to use.

Google Keywords External Tool

Free Word Tracker

By utilizing these tools you can come up with a variety of keyword related topics that you can talk about on your blog. The purpose of the keyword research is to also give your blog the chance to rank high in the search engines under a variety of long tail keywords. In our “Acai Berry” example, we input the keyword “Acai Berry” into both the Google Keywords External Tool and Free Word Tracker. We then analyze the results. Based on the results we’ll then take a few of the long tail keywords, which are keywords that have a higher chance of achieving top rankings, along with more “buyer” oriented keywords. A “buyer oriented” keyword is usually associated with a product name. For example, when I searched for “acai berry” among the results were “acai berry” products that were available for sale.

These specific product names are what I call “buyer oriented”. It means these people are looking for a specific product and more than likely if that product can be shown in a positive light, they’ll be inclined to buy. A non buyer keyword would be “acai berry research”. The people who search for that keyword may buy your product, but they may just be looking for more information on “Acai Berry” in general. What you want to target with your blog are those keywords where people are looking to take action. If you wanted to take this a step further you can narrow your keyword research even further by using the keyword “buy acai berry” this way you are presented with the keywords people are using that want to buy the product now. By focusing on the “buy” keyword in front of the product category, you are getting the people who are ready to buy. Another tip is to simply replace the word “buy” with “purchase” and you’ll find another set of people who are ready to buy.

You can also input the word “review” and you’ll find people who are looking for feedback, and these people can turn into buyers as well. Now that you’ve got your keywords, then the next step is to register a keyword rich domain name that includes the keyword of your niche. In this case the niche is “acai berry” so you would want to register a keyword with the keywords “acai berry” at the beginning of the domain name. Once you’ve registered the domain name, you can now begin to setup WordPress and start writing or posting articles that cater specifically to the keywords you have researched. If one of the keywords researched was “best acai berry to buy” then that should be the title of your post, along with providing a short article about the topic. Of course the “best acai berry to buy” that you would be recommending is your CPA offer. You do this for all your “buyer keywords” and you’ll have a blog that focuses on long tail keywords specific to buyers who are going to be interested in the CPA offer that you are promoting.

This is the best way to go about creating sites that are based off your CPA offers. This same technique can work for every CPA product that you will be promoting. Your goal is simply to research CPA products, find buyer keywords that relate to your product, register keyword rich domain name, and post articles on your blog that are based off your keyword research. If you can follow this simple guideline you can create a network of blogs that promote a variety of your CPA offers. This way you will have a blog for every CPA offer you promote. It’s important that you do it this way, instead of packing all your CPA offers on one blog. Each site needs to be tailored to your specific CPA offer. I’ve had the most success with this approach, and it’s one of the fundamentals of building sites that are specific to your CPA offers.

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